Stay-At-Home Plays Help

  • Stay-At-Home Plays are written specifically to be rehearsed and performed in virtual spaces, such as Zoom and other online platforms. During periods of social distancing, actors can perform from their homes or other locations that are safe and convenient.
  • Yes. Take a look at our Stay-At-Home Plays Director's Starter Guide. In it you will find information on how to stage a play in a virtual space. It's completely free to download HERE.
  • Because the shows in the Stay-At-Home Plays Collection were written specifically to be performed online, when you license a performance, you are granted the rights to stream your performance. You can either perform the play live and stream it live, or you have the right to record a performance and stream it at a later time. One licensed performance equals the right to stream your performance one time. You will have to license as many performances as you plan to stream. Please note: If you plan on keeping your recorded performance after the run of your show, you must get an Archival Video License (more information below).
  • Yes. You can record your performance and stream your recording. However, you can only stream the recording once for each performance you have licensed, and destroy or delete your recording after your run.

    If you want to keep a recording after your run for archival purposes, you can get an Archival Video License (more information below).

    However, If you want to share the video on a video-sharing platform (such as YouTube), you must request special permission Ã?¢??depending on the play, it is sometimes possible to acquire a Video-Sharing License for an additional fee. Please contact in[email protected] for details.
  • An Archival Video License allows you to keep your recorded production after your run for archival purposes and to distribute to cast and crew. An Archival Video License DOES NOT allow you to keep your recording up on a video-sharing website beyond the dates of your run.
  • No. Your performance rights allow you to perform on a digital platform, defined as a private, secure (password protected) platform that only allows access to invited and/or paying viewers. However, you may request special permission to host your production on a video-sharing platform (such as YouTube). Additional fees will apply for this type of streaming. Please contact [email protected] for details.
  • When you license a Stay-At-Home Play, the scripts are purchased as a Virtual Cast Set. This is a standard PDF of the script that is watermarked with your information, and can be emailed to your cast or uploaded to a site for your cast and crew to access.
  • If you are performing a Stay-At-Home Play, you are required to purchase a Virtual Cast Set. At this time, printed books are not available for Stay-At-Home Plays.
  • If the platform you are using allows for pay-per-view or ticket sales, you are absolutely allowed to sell tickets to your Stay-At-Home Play production, but you are not required to do so. Schools will not have to report any box office receipts from these ticket sales. Most non-professional theatres will not be required to report box office. Check your licensing agreement for further instructions.
  • You can absolutely license more performances if you so desire. If you have already purchased a Virtual Cast Set, you are NOT required to purchase a new set for your additional performances.
  • Refer to your licensing agreement for rules pertaining to streaming, but here are some platforms that can be used for Stay-At-Home Play titles (NOTE: This is not a complete list. There are many other platforms that may abide by the rules set for in your agreement):

    Broadway On Demand
    Facebook Live
    YouTube Live
    Google Meet