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Join the Conversation at the Playscripts Forum! The Free Reads Corner. 10 top Plays. Completely free to read. Enjoy! The Bullying Collection. 10 Short Plays by 10 Amazing Authors! Emma! A Pop Musical featuring 18 Chart-Topping Hits! Now Published.
Cyrano de BurgerShack
Miss Julie
Sherlock Holmes and The Case of the Jersey Lily
By the Waters of Babylon
Forever Dusty
The Lost Boy
A Dog's Life
Junie B. in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells!
Humana Festival 2014: The Complete Plays
A Map of Virtue
Miss Electricity
Moliere Impromptu
The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon (full-length)
Triassic Parq
The Very Merry Xmas Carol Holiday Adventure Show
Pride and Prejudice
Hiding in the Open
Snow Angel
Random Acts of Comedy: 15 Hit One-Act Plays for Student Actors
What To Do When You Hate All Your Friends
Is He Dead?
Unnecessary Farce
High Fidelity
The Tin Woman
The World's Largest Rodent
The War of the Worlds: The 1938 Radio Script
Making God Laugh
The Lily's Revenge
How We Got On
Women Playing Hamlet
It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play (full-length version)
Seven Minutes in Heaven
Anne of Green Gables
Miss Nelson is Missing!
As Long As We Both Shall Live
Spacebar: A Broadway Play by Kyle Sugarman
The Homosexuals
The Most Massive Woman Wins
I and You
Irena's Vow
Failure: A Love Story
The Downtown Anthology
Orphan Trains
Bass for Picasso
Over the Pub
All I Really Need to Know I Learned From Being a Zombie
Honor and the River
In the Garden

Professional Buzz

  • "A thriller of the sort rarely seen on Broadway these days."

    Review of A Time to Kill adapted for the stage by Rupert Holmes

    "Sweet, clever and weirdly touching..."

    Review of Trevor by Nick Jones

    "A worthy specimen of the socially conscious courtroom drama."

    Review of Murder in the First by Dan Gordon

    "A gem of comic relief...this new heartwarming comedy has everything going for it."

    Review of Making God Laugh by Sean Grennan

  • "...celebrates the power of pop culture with wit, verve and a killer beat."

    Review of High Fidelity by Tom Kitt

    "Edgy, intimate, and authentic!"

    Review of Old Jews Telling Jokes by Peter Gethers

    "There's delicate poetical imagery..."

    Review of By the Waters of Babylon by Robert Schenkkan

    "A small, cool gem."

    Review of roger&tom by Julien Schwab

  • "...a sprightly, gentle comedy..."

    Review of Miracle on South Division Street by Tom Dudzick

    "Tuft tried to capture the moments afterward, when survivors found strength they didn't know they had."

    Review of 110 Stories by Sarah Tuft

    "...sharp and funny. Gunderson taps into a buoyant spirit..."

    Review of I and You by Lauren Gunderson

    "Beautifully appointed two-hander about the authors of Great Expectations and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland..."

    Review of A Perfect Likeness by Daniel Rover Singer

  • "A complex yet lucidly dramatized mixture, enhanced with soaring lyricism and dark humor..."

    Review of The Woodpecker by Samuel Brett Williams

    "A screwy little jewel of a play."

    Review of Swimming in the Shallows by Adam Bock

    "It shouldn't hold together. Yet somehow this frequently ingenious, hilarious contraption does."

    Review of Abraham Lincoln's Big, Gay Dance Party by Aaron Loeb

    "Taylor Mac is one of the most exciting theater artists of our time."

    Review of The Lily's Revenge by Taylor Mac


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