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Brace yourselves. Hilarity is coming. Game of Tiaras by Don Zolidis.  Now available! The Tin Woman, a new play by Sean Grennan.  "emotionally powerful" - Door County Peninsula Post.  "Full of aughter and light even in the darkest moments." - Door County Advocate. Cyrano de BurgerShack: A Pop Musical.  Now published, order today!  18 pop hits!  Scripts, scores, and performances now available.  Get it now!
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Zion Science
Waking Sleeping Beauty
Two Point Oh
Pretty Chin Up
High Fidelity
Darcy's Cinematic Life
Baby Gators
Night Out
The Typographer's Dream
The Two Halves of Andrew's Brain
Patty Red Pants
Finn in the Underworld
Pride and Prejudice
Dinosaur from Planet X
Hiding in the Open
The Joys of Childhood
Lovers, Lunatics, and Poets
A Christmas Carol...more or less
Play Directing in the School: A Drama Director's Survival Guide
And Your Mama, Too!
The Spot
How We Got On
The Victorian
Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind (30 plays in 60 minutes)
We Are Antigone
The Voyage of the Carcass (full-length)
Retail Rage
The Fall of the House of Usher
Can This Marriage Be Saved?
Love at First Bite
The Least Offensive Play in the Whole Darn World
Dracula: The Journal of Jonathan Harker
A Trois
You're Welcome (A Cycle of Bad Plays)
Children at Play
Little Red Riding Hood
Math for Actors
Actor's Choice: Monologues for Teens, Volume 2

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