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The HOT LIST: The plays that have everyone talking. Brace yourselves. Hilarity is coming. Game of Tiaras by Don Zolidis.  Now available! The Tin Woman, a new play by Sean Grennan.  "emotionally powerful" - Door County Peninsula Post.  "Full of aughter and light even in the darkest moments." - Door County Advocate. Cyrano de BurgerShack: A Pop Musical.  Now published, order today!  18 pop hits!  Scripts, scores, and performances now available.  Get it now!
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The Unknown Part of the Ocean
I'm A Teenager Get Me Out of This Family
The New New
Stevie Goldstein Faces the Day of Atonement Unprepared
Rapunzel Uncut
The Talk of the Town
Chronicles Simpkins Will Cut Your Ass
Bay at the Moon
Great Short Plays: Volume 3
Last Night
It's All Greek to Me!
Invisible Woman
Down to Sleep
Dracula's Daughters: A Family Comedy
Oh My God, It's Another Play
Kabuki Ugly Duckling
Triumph in Argentina
The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet (full-length)
500 Words
Sixty Second Singles
Abraham Lincoln's Big, Gay Dance Party
Beauty and the Beast
The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet
I and You
Backwards at the Speed of Light
Reefer Madness
The Latest News from the Primordial Ooze
Foreign Affairs
A Midsummer Night in the OC (one-act)
Happily Ever After
1984 by George Orwell
The Gardens of Aztlan
Unbroken Circle
A Spare Me
Lapis Blue Blood Red
Those Who Can, Do

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