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Kill Me, Deadly
Bill Robens
Charlie Nickels has a hard life as a gumshoe and things are only made harder by the murder of a client and the theft of her 300 karat diamond. With the help of his wise-cracking secretary, Charlie seeks out the many suspects...
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Noir Comedy
105 - 120 minutes
5 f, 7 m (9-26 actors possible: 4-9 f, 5-17 m)
Like You Like It
Daniel S. Acquisto and 1 other
All the world's a mall in this totally awesome mashup of Shakespeare and John Hughes. It's 1985 and the brand new Arden Mall is hosting a high school dance. Bookworm babe Rosalind wants to go with Orlando, but she's never had the guts to talk to him.
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Musical Comedy
120 - 130 minutes
5 f, 4 m, 4 either (11-50 actors possible: 5-50 f, 4-50 m)
37 Postcards
Michael McKeever
After years of traveling abroad, Avery Sutton is happy to return to the comfort of his home in Connecticut. Unfortunately, almost nothing is as he remembered it.
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75 - 85 minutes
4 f, 2 m
Wanda's Monster
Laurie Berkner and 1 other
This warm-hearted musical tells the story of an imaginative little girl named Wanda and her unexpected bond with a fuzzy, purple monster as she learns acceptance and friendship. Based on the award-winning children's book by Eileen Spinelli.
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Family Musical
50 - 55 minutes
2 f, 2 m
I Dream Before I Take the Stand
Arlene Hutton
A defense lawyer cross-examines a woman during her testimony in a sexual assault case -- and in doing so, horribly distorts her perfectly innocent walk in the park.
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20 - 25 minutes
1 f, 1 m
Language of Angels
Naomi Iizuka
An eerie cycle of ghost stories, set in the cave country of North Carolina. After a young girl is lost in a cave on the edge of town, there is a Rashomon-like investigation of her disappearance and the fate of those who survive her.
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70 - 80 minutes
4 f, 4 m
Over the Tavern
Tom Dudzick
In that most idealized period of 20th-century America, the Eisenhower years of the 1950s, the Pazinski family has a lot going on in their cramped Buffalo apartment.
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150 minutes
3 f, 4 m
The Mysterious Affair at Styles
David Hansen
Forget all your misconceptions about the traditions of Commedia dell'Arte as The Love of Three Oranges, provides a wild, raucous slapstick comedy that is completely retooled and revised for today's audiences.
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60 - 70 minutes
2 f, 3 m (5-10 actors possible: 2-5 f, 3-5 m)
Wait Wait...I Can Explain
Christa Crewdson
Madcap, chaotic hilarity ensues when Jason hires a troupe of local actors to play the part of a perfect family to impress Sheila, his new girlfriend. This elaborate ruse nearly goes as planned, only to backfire when Jason's real family comes home unexpectedly
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45 minutes
5 f, 6 m
Anna Bella Eema
Lisa D'Amour
Ten-year-old Anna Bella and her hermetic mother Irene live in a ratty trailer on the edge of town. When their trailer park is slated for demolition because of interstate highway expansion, Irene refuses to leave.
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Dramatic comedy with music
75 - 90 minutes
3 f (3-6 actors possible: 3-6 f, )
The Secret Garden
Jerry R. Montoya
After Mary Lennox is orphaned, she becomes the ward of an uncle in England she has never met. As she adjusts to her new life at secluded Misselthwaite Manor, Mary discovers a secret garden.
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65 - 75 minutes
3 f, 4 m, 1 either (8-10 actors possible: 3-4 f, 4-7 m)
As Long As We Both Shall Live
Sean Grennan
Quirky genius Addison Ashe has finally met a man who can keep up with her -- the wealthy and charming Jamie Wilcox. But marrying Jamie means wrangling with his disapproving mother, as well as her favorite over-the-top wedding planner, Raul.
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Comedic Murder Mystery
100 - 110 minutes
2 f, 3 m (5-8 actors possible: exactly 2 f, 3-6 m)
Antigone Now
Melissa Cooper
In the midst of a bombed-out city still feeling the aftershocks of war, the rebellious Antigone defies her uncle to bury her disgraced brother. This contemporary response to the myth of Antigone brings powerful, modern prose to an ancient and universal story.
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50 - 60 minutes
3 f, 1 m (4-11 actors possible: 2-10 f, 1-9 m)
Most Likely To...
Ian McWethy
Everybody thinks superlatives are a pretty silly tradition -- until they're seniors and it's voting time. When Yara and Zawn are tasked with editing the yearbook, they find out just how far their classmates will go to get the titles they want.
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25 - 35 minutes
6 f, 6 m, 4 either (5-25 actors possible: 3-23 f, 2-22 m)
Governing Alice
C. Denby Swanson
In this modern adaptation of the Greek classic Antigone, a rebellious high school student named Alice must respond to the sudden and shattering death of her older brother, the class valedictorian -- who was shot while robbing a convenience store.
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25 - 35 minutes
3 f, 4 m, 6 either (10-13 actors possible: 2-11 f, 2-11 m)
The Shakespeare Stealer (full-length)
Gary L. Blackwood
In 1601, a Yorkshire orphan skilled in shorthand (and in lying) is hired by a mysterious stranger to steal the script of Hamlet. But when he inadvertently becomes part of Shakespeare's acting troupe, he begins to reconsider his assignment...
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Historical drama for young audiences
90 - 110 minutes
3 f, 12 m, 3 either (9-18 actors possible: 2-6 f, 7-15 m)
Eb Scrooge: A Southern Fried Carol
Ian Mairs
Cast out your cockneys and leave that stale fruit cake at home -- enter a world of grits and gravy, red velvet cake, and the occasional glass of sweet tea. This modern spin on a timeless classic captures the sights and sounds of life in today's South.
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70 - 85 minutes
20 f, 15 m (15-50 actors possible: 8-25 f, 7-25 m)
Down Came the Rain
Burgess Clark
Eighteen-year-old Michael and his fourteen-year-old brother Brucie venture out on a camping trip together. Brucie's never-ending curiosity becomes increasingly unbearable to Michael, especially when the questions involve the death of their mother.
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20 - 30 minutes
2 m
The Unknown Part of the Ocean
Sheri Wilner
Eight-year-old Sophie loves to entertain her mother with fantastical stories. But what's a little storyteller to do when her mother's cancer is scarier than anything in her imagination?
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10 - 15 minutes
2 f
After Math
Jonathan Dorf
When a man and woman in suits take Emmett away in the middle of math class, his classmates come up with their own explanations for his mysterious disappearance. He's off to his own private rock concert. He was kidnapped by aliens.
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30 - 35 minutes
3 f, 2 m, 6 either (8-40 actors possible: 2-38 f, 2-38 m)