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Drop Dead Perfect
Erasmus Fenn
Idris Seabright is one deranged dame. A 1950s Florida gargoyle as rich as she is ruthless, Idris expects everyone in her life to be as obedient and unchanging as the subjects of her still-life paintings...
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80 - 90 minutes
4 either (4 actors possible: 1-2 f, 2-4 m)
John Pielmeier
Inspired by an address given by Sir James M. Barrie to the graduating class of St. Andrew's University in Scotland, Courage is an intimate look into the life of the celebrated writer...
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80 - 90 minutes
1 m
Tyler Dwiggins
Even though everybody on the planet is just a text away, getting your message across has never been more complicated. subText is a hilarious series of vignettes detailing the awkwardness of dating in the digital age, from capturing the perfect selfie to making a relationship Facebook official...
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80 - 90 minutes
13 f, 7 m (5-20 actors possible: 3-13 f, 2-7 m)
Season of Light: A Winter Fairy Tale
Steph DeFerie
Magda is just an ordinary peasant girl chosen to play the Sister of the Sun for her village's ceremony celebrating the Winter Solstice. But when the days keep growing shorter, Magda is blamed and exiled...
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60 - 70 minutes
7 f, 5 m, 10 either (22-35 actors possible: 7-30 f, 5-28 m)
Uncle Vanya
Craig Lucas
This new adaptation of Chekhov's classic tragicomedy, where a visit from a professor and his beautiful young wife turns one family's simple country life upside-down, is refreshing and full of nuanced humor. This timeless study of human behavior and relationships remains relevant and modern...
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120 - 130 minutes
4 f, 5 m
Miles and Ellie
Don Zolidis
Miles and Ellie fell in love in high school... and then they broke up. That much is clear. But everything else is up for interpretation, and when the two meet twenty years later at Ellie's dysfunctional family Thanksgiving, they finally get to compare notes...
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Romantic Comedy
100 - 110 minutes
3 f, 2 m
Toward the Sun
Alan Haehnel and 1 other
When high school daredevil Courtney vows to dive off the highest boulder in Mount Granite Quarry, she sets off a chain of events that force her friends to question their own relationships to privacy, technology, and secrecy. When everyone has a camera and any act of desperation or plea for attention can be uploaded to the web, who pays the price...
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80 - 90 minutes
5 f, 2 m
Don't Talk to the Actors
Tom Dudzick
The best laid plans go awry when the cast and crew of a Broadway-bound play resort to manipulation, diva-like behavior, and chaotic abandon to get what they want. It's a young playwright's dream, but the crazy characters and dilemmas they encounter are the things theatrical nightmares are made of...
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105 - 120 minutes
3 f, 3 m
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Timothy Mason
One of the most beloved characters of American fiction, Tom Sawyer is a force of nature -- whether he's sneaking out of his Aunt Polly's house at night to visit the graveyard, or duping his playmates into white-washing a fence, or stealing a kiss from the ravishing Becky Thatcher, or taking a stand against the murderous Injun Joe...
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75 - 105 minutes
6 f, 8 m, 6 either (14-40 actors possible: 6-20 f, 8-20 m)
In Conflict
Douglas C. Wager
ndividual stories of mostly college-age Iraq War veterans are presented in their own words, taken from audio transcripts of actual interviews. Already having faced brutal combat conditions in a hostile land, these soldiers have come home to the daunting challenges of returning to civilian life...
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130 - 150 minutes
4 f, 6 m (6-17 actors possible: 2-4 f, 4-13 m)
On My Own: The Early Adventures of David Copperfield
Ian Mairs
A rogue's gallery of outrageous clowns and cunning charlatans come to life in On My Own, Ian Mairs' lively adaptation of David Copperfield. The early chapters of the Dickens classic take center stage, as young David struggles to make his way in the world after his mother dies...
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80 - 90 minutes
5 f, 5 m, 10 either (10-25 actors possible: 5-25 f, 5-25 m)
Wild Kate: A Tale of Revenge at Sea
Karen Hartman
In this fast-paced contemporary adventure inspired by Melville's Moby Dick and the Deepwater Oil Rig disaster, these young sailors are forced to consider whether saving the ocean is worth risking their lives...
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85 - 90 minutes
7 f, 4 m, 3 either (11-14 actors possible: 7-10 f, 4-7 m)
The Ghost's Bargain
Jacqueline Goldfinger
This stirring new adaptation of the Dickens Christmas novella is a redemptive tale of the world-weary Professor Redlaw, who is offered the gift of forgetting all of his bad memories. This "gift" becomes a contagious curse that spreads to all those around him, creating a harsh, memory-less society that the Professor can only save through an act of self-sacrifice...
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75 - 90 minutes
6 f, 5 m, 4 either (8-15 actors possible: 3-10 f, 5-9 m)
Governing Alice
C. Denby Swanson
Up against an unyielding principal and accompanied by a bookish Geek Chorus, Alice must find her own way through personal and classical tragedy. In honoring her brother, she'll probably break some rules. Which is more important...
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25 - 35 minutes
3 f, 4 m, 6 either (10-13 actors possible: 2-11 f, 2-11 m)
Nothing Serious
Rich Orloff
From Antarctica and Disneyland to the Garden of Eden and inside the womb, Orloff creates theatrical worlds that are both imaginative and hilarious...
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90 - 115 minutes
2 f, 3 m, 2 either (7-34 actors possible: 2-31 f, 3-32 m)
Christopher Trumbo
Based on legendary screenwriter Dalton Trumbo brilliant and razor-sharp letters to friends, former friends, and family, Trumbo reveals how the author of Spartacus, Roman Holiday, and Exodus took on Congress, Hollywood, and the Red Scare -- and won...
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85 - 95 minutes
2 m
Standardized Testing - The Musical!!!!
Sam Willmott
The dreaded high school tradition of standardized testing gets the musical treatment in this hilarious and touching story of eight compulsive teenagers. Over the course of one test, they manage to create and destroy friendships, learn to express their individuality, and sing and dance like maniacs...
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Musical comedy
80 - 90 minutes
4 f, 5 m (9-15 actors possible: 4-7 f, 5-8 m)
The Devil and Tom Walker
Rob Kendt and 1 other
Old Scratch is challenged when the miserly and slothful Tom Walker refuses to trade his soul for treasure. But after doing Tom the favor of getting rid of his pesky wife, the Devil is able to strike a deal, making Tom a wealthy lender to the foolish and seedy of the aristocracy...
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Folk Musical Comedy/Drama
80 - 95 minutes
2 f, 4 m, 1 either (5-14 actors possible: 2-5 f, 3-9 m)
Letting Billy
Diana Amsterdam
In the middle of the night, Franny gets a call from her young lover, who also happens to be a recent ex-student. He wants to come over, but she has many reasons he shouldn't, including her sleeping children, work responsibilities, and the nearness of dawn. Is his need strong enough to overcome her practicality...
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10 - 12 minutes
1 f, 1 m
the terrible girls
Jacqueline Goldfinger
In this wicked dark comedy of friendship, obsession, and Southern sensibilities, Mr. Witherose leaves Birdie, Gretch, and Minnie to tend to his bar while he is away on business in Atlanta. Birdie and Gretch are battling for Mr. Witherose's affection in his absence, but neither knows that Minnie is guarding his terrible secret...
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Dark comedy
70 - 85 minutes
3 f, 1 m