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Dead and Breathing
Chisa Hutchinson
Cranky old Carolyn Whitlock has been in hospice for far too long and just wants to die already. But she'll have to work harder than she ever has in her privileged life to convince her oversharing and very Christian nurse to help her end it.
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80 - 95 minutes
1 W, 
From the Mouths of Monsters
Idris Goodwin
Teenage poet Michelle is used to fading into the background. Performing at a poetry slam feels impossible, until she is offered a mask with the power to remove the wearer’s doubts. But when the mask proves to have other strange powers, Michelle must dig deeper to find her true voice. An imaginative slam-poetry fable inspired by Frankenstein.
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65 - 70 minutes
1 W, 1 Any (2-10 actors possible: 1-4 W, 0-3 M)
Lynn Nottage
When a housewife comes to the end of her rope with her abusive husband, she doesn't expect him to spontaneously combust. Now she has a pile of ashes on the floor, and a life to reclaim.
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15 - 20 minutes
2 W, 
Now Let Me Fly
Marcia Cebulska
It is 1950 and Thurgood Marshall wants to fly in the face of tradition and overthrow the Supreme Court doctrine of "Separate But Equal." But when the ghost of his mentor, Charles Houston, visits him, he is stricken with doubt. Houston takes Marshall on a journey to look in on the lives and losses of those working in the grassroots struggle against legalized segregation.
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Historical drama
80 - 90 minutes
3 W, 8 M,  (7-33 actors possible: 2-7 W, 5-26 M)
Kirsten Greenidge
One pleasant evening, Doug and Shonda invite their friend Bing over for dinner and drinks. As they ply him with wine, the conversation's civility begins to crumble, and we witness each of the trio's run-ins with characters on the edge of their suburban existence -- a pregnant waitress, an ether-addicted doctor, a philanthropic street peddler. These experiences converge on the comfortable living room, forcing a choice between continuing on with their disconnected lives, or embracing the possibilities of human kindness.
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55 - 65 minutes
2 W, 4 M,  (6 actors possible: 2-4 W, exactly 4 M)