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Scared Silly
Peter Bloedel and 9 others
What happens when you ask 10 of the funniest playwrights to write something scary? You get this collections of hauntingly hilarious short plays. Structured as an evening of spooky stories, this flexible collection can be performed as full-length or a one-act...
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100 - 120 minutes
8 f, 8 m, 14 either (16-85 actors possible: 8-62 f, 8-54 m)
Douglas Craven
In a dark classroom, eight students sit in an "official lockdown," not knowing if it's just a drill or an actual emergency...
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20 - 35 minutes
4 f, 4 m, 1 either (9-11 actors possible: 3-8 f, 4-8 m)
And in This Corner: Cassius Clay
Idris Goodwin
This swift, vibrant historical drama bobs and weaves through the iconic boxer's early life in Jim Crow-era Louisville. An unlikely hero is a classic story, but And in This Corner goes an extra, exhilarating round by exploring how remarkable communities help to create them...
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60 - 80 minutes
2 f, 7 m
Drinking Habits
Tom Smith
Two nuns at the Sisters of Perpetual Sewing have been secretly making wine to keep the convent's doors open, but Paul and Sally, reporters and former fiancees, are hot on their trail. Accusations, mistaken identities, and romances run wild in this traditional, laugh-out-loud farce...
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100 - 110 minutes
5 f, 3 m
The Bullying Collection
E. M. Bell and 9 others
We asked ten talented playwrights to write a 10-minute play based on his or her unique take on bullying. The result is this collection. Designed to be flexible, the plays can be performed in any combination...
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100 - 105 minutes
10 f, 5 m, 15 either (13-95 actors possible: 5-86 f, 5-67 m)
A Seussified Christmas Carol (full-length)
Peter Bloedel
A whimsical reinvention of Dickens' most beloved Christmas story in wacky rhymed couplets...
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65 - 85 minutes
6 f, 11 m, 22 either (11-39 actors possible: 5-28 f, 6-33 m)
Irena's Vow
Dan Gordon
19-year-old Irena Gut is promoted to housekeeper in the home of a highly respected Nazi officer when she finds out that the Jewish ghetto is about to be liquidated. Determined to help twelve Jewish workers, she decides to shelter them in the safest place she can think of: the basement of the German commandant's house...
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95 - 100 minutes
4 f, 6 m (10-23 actors possible: 4-16 f, 6-17 m)
How to Kiss a Girl
Wade Bradford and 1 other
When young Ken Beardsley gets ready for his very first date, he decides to download audio advice from across the centuries in order to impress his high school crush...
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30 - 40 minutes
7 f, 5 m, 2 either (9-14 actors possible: 5-9 f, 4-7 m)
Dead and Breathing
Chisa Hutchinson
Cranky old Carolyn Whitlock has been in hospice for far too long and just wants to die already. But she'll have to work harder than she ever has in her privileged life to convince her oversharing and very Christian nurse to help her end it...
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80 - 95 minutes
2 f (2 actors possible: 1-2 f, 0-1 m)
Around the World in 8 Plays
Patrick Greene and 1 other
Travel around the world and explore forgotten myths and unusual legends in eight fast-paced and hilarious tales...
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75 - 90 minutes
10 f, 10 m, 10 either (10-80 actors possible: 3-40 f, 3-40 m)
Mythical Creatures and How to Approach Them
Travis Greisler
If you go to a magical school, you learn to expect the unexpected--but when young students Peter and Harmony go abroad to study mythical creatures with Professor Sal A. Manderfin, they discover a whole new level of unpredictable...
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40 - 45 minutes
6 f, 5 m, 2 either (7-13 actors possible: 4-8 f, 3-7 m)
Miss Electricity
Kathryn Walat
Ten-year-old Violet is determined to show the world, not to mention the cool kids at school, just how special she is. With the help of her assistant Freddy, she sets out to break a world record, but becomes accidentally extraordinary when she's struck by lightning -- twice...
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Comedy for young audiences
40 - 50 minutes
2 f, 2 m (4-8 actors possible: 2-6 f, 2-4 m)
The Bullies' Christmas Carol
Ross Mihalko and 1 other
Terrible twins Ebbie and Neezer bully their classmates, steal toys from homeless children, and do everything they can to ruin the school's annual All-Inclusive, Non-Specific Holiday Celebration...
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35 - 40 minutes
10 f, 11 m, 4 either (13-27 actors possible: 8-25 f, 5-25 m)
An Undisclosed Location
Ed Monk
Before everything went so terribly wrong, Dr. Hale's team of scientists was trying to help people. Now, John Bonner is the only one who can try to make the world understand...
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30 - 35 minutes
1 f, 3 m, 2 either (6 actors possible: 1-3 f, 3-5 m)
Good Cop Bad Cop
Ian McWethy and 1 other
A catastrophic street sign switcheroo has two rookie detectives grilling a motley crew of suspects and witnesses...
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25 - 35 minutes
5 f, 5 m, 5 either (5-17 actors possible: 0-17 f, 0-17 m)
The Shape of the Grave
Laura Lundgren Smith
The Troubles raging through Northern Ireland cost sixteen-year-old Colleen half her family, and she sees only one way to give her loss meaning: join the bloody fight for Irish independence from Britain. It seems so simple, but...
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35 - 40 minutes
4 f, 3 m, 8 either (9-30 actors possible: 4-15 f, 2-15 m)
Alice in Wonderland
Jason Pizzarello
A darker, more faithful version of Lewis Carroll's classic tale that reimagines the experience of Wonderland, and ends with an unexpected new twist...
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30 - 40 minutes
9 f, 9 m, 12 either (11-38 actors possible: 5-32 f, 6-33 m)
That's Not How I Remember It
Don Zolidis
Mom and Dad love to tell the story of how they met in 1986 -- "pretty much the most awesome year ever." Trouble is, they remember their courtship completely differently...
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35 - 45 minutes
8 f, 8 m, 6 either (13-22 actors possible: 6-14 f, 6-14 m)
Hiding in the Open
Kira Obolensky
An adaptation of Sabina Zimering's memoir, Hiding in the Open tells the true story of two Jewish sisters from Poland who assume false Catholic identities and work in a Nazi hotel during World War II...
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107 - 115 minutes
6 f, 4 m (8-14 actors possible: 5-7 f, 3-7 m)
Kate Moira Ryan
Under house arrest, the four daughters of the last Tsar of Russia rehearse Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard as they await their fate...
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65 - 75 minutes
4 f