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Dinner With the MacGuffins
Chris Sheppard and 1 other
At first glance, this is a typical family comedy: teenage James and girlfriend Karen try to make out one afternoon, only to face repeated interruptions by other members of James' family. But the ultimate interruption comes when a cell phone goes off in the audience, breaking the "fourth wall" so that James can see the spectators. As James tries to convince his increasingly worried family that a wall is missing from their house, and that people are watching them, the play takes more left turns than Bugs Bunny should have taken at Albuquerque -- until it reaches a happy (if twisted) ending.
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20 - 25 minutes
2 W, 3 M, 3 Any (7-8 actors possible: 2-5 W, 3-6 M)
I'm A Teenager Get Me Out of This Family
Jim Garvey
Living with parents can be rough -- especially when Mom and Dad are nothing but ordinary. So when Julie and her mother get into a battle over curfew, Julie convinces her brother Johnnie to hold interviews for new and improved parents. Not to be outdone, Mom and Dad conduct their own interviews for new children. Faced with interviewees from a militant father to a get-rich-quick-scheming child, "ordinary" doesn't look so bad anymore.
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20 - 30 minutes
2 W, 2 M, 15 Any (4-19 actors possible: 2-15 W, 2-15 M)
Making God Laugh
Sean Grennan
Making God Laugh follows one typical American family over the course of thirty years' worth of holidays. Starting in 1980, Ruthie and Bill's grown children -- a priest, an aspiring actress, and a former football star -- all return home, where we learn of their plans and dreams as they embark on their adult lives.
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120 - 130 minutes
2 W, 3 M,  (5-20 actors possible: 2-8 W, 3-12 M)
Nora's Lost
Alan Haehnel
Debilitated by Alzheimer's disease, Nora Blodget follows the vision of her late husband into the woods on a cold night. Nora's life flashes before her—revealing her former life as a dynamic teacher, a caring wife, and a loving mother. Will Nora's daughter find her mother in time? This poignant large-cast one-act explores the nature of memory and familial love, fractured by the onset of dementia.
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35 - 45 minutes
12 W, 6 M, 7 Any (15-25 actors possible: 8-20 W, 5-20 M)