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Digging Up the Boys
Laura Lundgren Smith
The mine where Floyd, Paul, and Jack work is old, nearly picked clean and about to be closed, when part of it collapses, trapping them. The women left above race to the foreman, only to receive the company line: Go home and pray. We'll handle it. Those above and below are left to whistle in the dark, desperate for a miracle -- but the mine holds a terrible secret that will change their lives forever...
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40 - 45 minutes
3 f, 4 m, 1 either (8 actors possible: 3-4 f, 4-5 m)
Double Double
Kathryn Funkhouser
It's no wonder Emily can't sleep. She obsesses about awkward interactions in the past, she tries to predict the disasters of the future - and then, of course, there's three immortal witches sabotaging her drama club production of Macbeth so they can escape the mortal realm. You know, life stuff. But when the witches send strange visions to turn Emily and her new classmates against each other, no one can predict what happens next...
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40 - 50 minutes
6 f, 8 either (12-40 actors possible: 6-40 f, 0-24 m)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Jon Jory
The game's afoot and the legendary friendship of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson is born, as they face a quartet of the most confounding crimes to ever cross the threshold of 221B Baker Street. Discover the truth about the surprising secret within an abandoned Christmas goose; the meaning of a coded message from an organization obsessed with the past...
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90 - 100 minutes
4 f, 6 m (8-26 actors possible: 3-14 f, 5-20 m)
Sally Cotter and the Quest We Follow
Dean O'Carroll
Sally has just bought a copy of the final book in her favorite series of novels. But if she finishes reading it, will the magic all be . . . over? As she sleeps on it, Sally once again dreams she's a student at Frogbull Academy of Sorcery. With the help of Professor Albatross Underdrawers and pals Dave and Harmonica, she must uncover the secret of the MacGuffix and face the evil Lord Murderdeath in a final showdown...
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70 - 90 minutes
15 f, 15 m, 10 either (19-50 actors possible: 12-30 f, 7-30 m)
The Shape of the Grave
Laura Lundgren Smith
The Troubles raging through Northern Ireland cost sixteen-year-old Colleen half her family, and she sees only one way to give her loss meaning: join the bloody fight for Irish independence from Britain. It seems so simple, but the IRA's reception isn't what Colleen expects and her older sister Brigid will do anything to stop her from making the same mistake as their father...
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35 - 40 minutes
4 f, 3 m, 8 either (9-30 actors possible: 4-15 f, 2-15 m)
Don Zolidis
When Mya gets cast as the dog's understudy in her high school production of Annie, she snaps so spectacularly that she winds up in the Fine Arts Magnet Juvenile Detention Facility. Now she's trapped with the chronically insecure Warden Jessica, a poet named Psychoface, and a new girl named Angie who seems a little... strange...
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Comedy with music
100 - 110 minutes
13 f, 6 m, 6 either (15-35 actors possible: 10-30 f, 5-15 m)
Aaron Loeb
Ninety minutes from now, a group of stressed-out corporate consultants is slated to present their work on a mysterious project. It's time to brainstorm within the morally ambiguous parameters they've been given so they can make it to their kids' soccer games and continue their ill-advised affairs. But as they work, the question of what they aren't being told looms ever larger, becoming harder to ignore...
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Comic Thriller
85 - 95 minutes
1 f, 4 m
The Importance of Being Ellie
Jim Peterson
Teen actress Jill is starring in her local community theater's production of Romeo and Juliet, but that's not the only role she's playing. In order to hide her passion for acting from her sports-obsessed parents, she's disguised herself as Ellie for the last two years...
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40 - 50 minutes
5 f, 4 m
Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry
Arlene Hutton
Teen sex, lies and gossip, power, secrets, manipulation, mascara, the need to scream, and what teens really want to say. When the president of student council throws a house party and photos are posted online, a group of friends get caught up in a series of shifting events that forces them to question what really happened...
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50 - 70 minutes
4 f, 5 m, 1 either (10-20 actors possible: 4-12 f, 5-8 m)
The Green Bird (full-length version)
Hillary DePiano
The king is lost, the queen is buried alive, the kingdom is in ruins, and all is bleak . . . but this is a comedy after all! When nobody else's worthy of the title of hero, it's up to twins Renzo and Barbarina to unravel the mystery of the Green Bird in time to save everyone from themselves. The wild, chaotic road to "happily ever after" is paved with curses, clowns, demons, enchanted fruit, and a talking statue...
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90 - 120 minutes
6 f, 4 m, 3 either (13-50 actors possible: 6-50 f, 4-50 m)
Dragon Play
Jenny Connell Davis
A circle in the snow. The smell of sulphur. The beating of wings. Here be dragons, as two stories of love and longing intertwine. A Woman and the Man she married are visited by a Dragon who was once her lover, as a Boy tries to learn what it will take to be with the Dragon Girl who lands in his rural Texas town and changes his life. A mystical tale of humanity and transformation...
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60 - 70 minutes
2 f, 2 m (4-5 actors possible: exactly 2 f, 3-4 m)
Cal in Camo
William Francis Hoffman
Cal's desperation mounts as she strains to breastfeed and care for her newborn, while her husband Tim resents his struggle to make sales in his new territory. But the extent of the unease that pervades this couple's new house won't fully come to light until Cal's brother Flynt arrives, reeling from the recent death of his wife. Do the wounds of the past irrevocably impact our capacity to connect?
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70 - 80 minutes
1 f, 3 m (3-4 actors possible: exactly 1 f, 2-3 m)
Wilde Tales
Jeremy Bloom
Come through the garden gate to a world where swallows, statues, and fireworks speak with all the wit of Oscar Wilde. Five stories of love and loss from Wilde's collection of stories for young people, The Happy Prince and Other Tales, are woven together with Wilde's later verse and clever puppetry in this innovative theatrical vision...
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70 - 90 minutes
8 either (8-40 actors possible: 0-40 f, 0-40 m)
The Mystery Club - Episodes 3 & 4
Ross Mihalko
When a mystery's afoot at their middle school, amateur detective team The Mystery Club is on the case. An actor, athlete, scientist, gamer, bookworm, and school newspaper reporter investigate the crimes of their fellow peers, from the ruthless moguls of the Cosmetics Club, to the Computer Club's lovestruck robot, to the grade-obsessed Academic Decathlon Team, in these hilarious whodunits. This edition includes Episode 3: The Case of the Missing Mascot and Episode 4: The Case of the Disappearing Grades.
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mystery comedy
55 - 70 minutes
21 either (17-33 actors possible: 0-33 f, 0-33 m)
Wanda's Monster
Laurie Berkner and 1 other
This warm-hearted musical tells the story of an imaginative little girl named Wanda and her unexpected bond with a fuzzy, purple monster as she learns acceptance and friendship...
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Family Musical
50 - 55 minutes
2 f, 2 m
Connected (high school edition)
Lia Romeo
In a world where we're all constantly connected via the internet, why do so many people still feel alone? In this series of interrelated vignettes, a young girl's most embarrassing moment goes viral, a recent high school grad must choose between real life and role-playing games, two girls spend Saturday night endlessly searching for the perfect party, and a teacher is accidentally wooed by her student on a dating site...
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80 - 90 minutes
4 f, 4 m (6-23 actors possible: 3-12 f, 3-11 m)
The Magic Hour
Jonathan Dorf
It's 4 A.M. and for a group of teens, it's time to wrestle with the changes in their lives. The DJ of the internet's loneliest radio show gets an unexpected "like," a serial letter writer gathers the courage to actually send one, best friends confront the reality of growing apart, and a modern-day Romeo and Juliet discover balcony scenes are harder than they look...
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30 - 35 minutes
4 f, 4 m, 5 either (6-30 actors possible: 3-15 f, 3-15 m)
Aloha, Say the Pretty Girls
Naomi Iizuka
A man moves to write the great American novel. A woman moves to Alaska to start a new life. Babies, wild dogs, Komodo dragons, and hula dancers abound in this play about finding your tribe in a world gone haywire.
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90 - 120 minutes
4 f, 5 m (9-11 actors possible: 4-6 f, 5-7 m)
Clark Gable Slept Here
Michael McKeever
Hollywood's hiding a lot more in the closet than Tom Ford tuxedos, and megastar agent Jarrod Hilliard's determined to keep it that way. When the corpse of a male prostitute is found in his client's hotel room during the Golden Globe Awards, Hilliard and hotel manager Gage Holland are left to sweep things under the rug. Time to call in some favors...
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Black Comedy
75 - 90 minutes
2 f, 3 m
Women Playing Hamlet
William Missouri Downs
Hamlet's a challenge for any actor, but when Jessica is cast as the titular character in a New York production, it sends her into an existential tailspin. It doesn't help that her acting coach is borderline abusive, or that every Starbucks barista with an MFA tells her she's too young for the role. Or that she's somehow managed to make Sir Patrick Stewart her nemesis...
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70 - 100 minutes
4 f (4-19 actors possible: 4-19 f, )