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7 Ways to Say I Love You
Adam Szymkowicz
This collection of funny, sweet, silly, poignant and stylistically diverse short plays from New York favorite Adam Szymkowicz has something for everyone. This collection explores heart, grief, pain, and humor as the plays dance around the eternal human theme of love...
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Comedy / Drama
60 - 65 minutes
8 f, 5 m, 2 either (3-15 actors possible: 2-10 f, 1-7 m)
Acts of God
Mark Rigney
A storm-tossed swirl of a play, Acts of God tracks twelve high-school students through the year following a devastating tornado strike. As the students grieve, assist in the recovery efforts, and tackle the basics of getting on with life, they must also cope with the storm's emotional detritus...
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80 - 100 minutes
7 f, 5 m
Appropriate Audience Behavior
Ian McWethy
Carol and Ashley are expecting a tale of woe as they take their seats to watch Hamlet, but the real tragedy is that they're sitting next to the world's noisiest weirdos...
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25 - 35 minutes
9 f, 8 m, 3 either (5-20 actors possible: 0-20 f, 0-20 m)
As Long As We Both Shall Live
Sean Grennan
Quirky genius Addison Ashe has finally met a man who can keep up with her. But marrying Jamie means wrangling with his disapproving mother, as well as her favorite over-the-top wedding planner, Raul. Can Addison solve the case before sashaying down the aisle, or is she in for a honeymoon behind bars...
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Comedic Murder Mystery
100 - 110 minutes
2 f, 3 m (5-8 actors possible: exactly 2 f, 3-6 m)
Digging Up the Boys
Laura Lundgren Smith
The mine where Floyd, Paul, and Jack work is old, nearly picked clean and about to be closed, when part of it collapses, trapping them. Those above and below are left to whistle in the dark, desperate for a miracle -- but the mine holds a terrible secret that will change their lives forever...
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40 - 45 minutes
3 f, 4 m, 1 either (8 actors possible: 3-4 f, 4-5 m)
Drinking Habits 2
Tom Smith
In this warm and winsome sequel to Drinking Habits, The Sisters of Perpetual Sewing miss the excitement of the old days when they were saving convents and reuniting long-lost families. So when they learn that the orphanage where Paul and Kate grew up is in peril, they can't wait to come to the rescue...
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100 - 110 minutes
5 f, 3 m
Exit, Pursued by a Bear
Lauren Gunderson
Nan has decided to teach her abusive husband Kyle a lesson. With the help of her friend Simon (acting as her emotional -- and actual -- cheerleader) and a stripper named Sweetheart, she tapes Kyle to a chair and forces him to watch as they reenacts scenes from their painful past...
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Revenge Comedy
75 - 80 minutes
2 f, 2 m
The Lily's Revenge
Taylor Mac and 1 other
Part Noh play, part musical, part verse play, part dance-theater, part silent film, and part party, The Lily's Revenge is a one-of-a-kind extravaganza of theater, love, and community...
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Play with Music
150 - 300 minutes
4 f, 3 m, 25 either (32-100 actors possible: 32-100 f, 32-100 m)
Joshua Conkel
With absurd, poignant dialog and brutal characterizations, MilkMilkLemonade is a bitterly funny exploration of gender, sexuality, life, death, and the human body...
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60 - 75 minutes
5 either (5 actors possible: 0-5 f, 0-5 m)
The Most Massive Woman Wins
Madeleine George
Challenging, brutal and hilarious, four women of various shapes and sizes sitting in the waiting room of a liposuction clinic explore their perceptions of body image. The women reveal their experiences dealing with their weight issues through monologues, short scenes, and even schoolyard rhymes...
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30 - 40 minutes
4 f
Murder in the Knife Room (full-length version)
Jonathan Rand
One murder, twenty suspects. Who killed Mysterious Host? The mystery unfolds as Inexplicably Omniscient Inspector takes on the most thrilling and baffling murder case in the history of thrilling and baffling murder cases...
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Murder mystery parody
80 - 90 minutes
58 either (22-58 actors possible: 0-58 f, 0-58 m)
Nightfall With Edgar Allan Poe
Eric Coble
Edgar Allan Poe stands alone in the flickering darkness of his mind, trying desperately to convince himself, and us, that he's not mad. The spell he weaves brings us a highly theatrical adaptation of four tales Poe himself considered his best. Enter the world of Poe and check your heartbeat at the door...
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80 - 90 minutes
2 f, 3 m (5-9 actors possible: 0-9 f, 0-9 m)
Nooses Off
Don Zolidis
An amateur theater company's whodunit hurtles towards opening night -- but the real mystery is whether the cast and crew can get this disaster to curtain call...
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Murder-Mystery Comedy
100 - 110 minutes
9 f, 5 m, 1 either (15-18 actors possible: 6-11 f, 4-9 m)
A Voice in the Dark: A Salem Story
Elizabeth Downing
Told through the eyes of a teenager, A Voice in the Dark: A Salem Story is a thrilling and poignant tale from one of the darkest eras in American history. Abigail Hobbs, a shy, yet kind 15-year-old, lives a modest, happy life. Will she remain silent and let the witch hunt continue...
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Historical Drama
70 - 85 minutes
7 f, 3 m, 5 either (13-18 actors possible: 7-15 f, 3-8 m)
The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales
John Glore
Though the characters may be familiar, each of your favorite storybook fables is uproariously derailed in this adaptation of Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith's quintessential children's book of fractured fairy tales. Everything from "Chicken Little" to "The Gingerbread Man" gets a complete makeover...
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Comedy with music
55 - 65 minutes
3 f, 4 m (7-30 actors possible: 3-14 f, 4-18 m)
Nick Jones
Inspired by true events, Trevor is a subversive comedy about fame, success, and the lies we tell ourselves in order to keep people from taking away an erratic, 200-pound chimpanzee...
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80 - 90 minutes
3 f, 4 m
Wanda's Monster
Laurie Berkner and 1 other
This warm-hearted musical tells the story of an imaginative little girl named Wanda and her unexpected bond with a fuzzy, purple monster as she learns acceptance and friendship. Based on the award-winning children's book by Eileen Spinelli, Wanda's Monster features music and lyrics by Laurie Berkner, and a book by Barbara Zinn Krieger.
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Family Musical
50 - 55 minutes
2 f, 2 m
We'll be better later
Laura Jacqmin
At a detention camp and reform institution for internet-addicted and online-obsessed teenagers, a revolution is brewing. Forced to make small talk and forbidden from all electronics, the inmates are miserable -- Now it's up to the outcasts to prove that socially awkward doesn't mean socially hopeless...
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Dark Comedy
40 - 60 minutes
8 f, 1 m, 12 either (21-27 actors possible: 8-20 f, 1-13 m)
The Wind in the Willows
T. James Belich
What begins as a peaceful summer on the River is soon disrupted by Toad and his obsession with motorcars. After crashing several cars, he then steals one and lands himself in jail. Will Toad escape from jail and regain Toad Hall? Will he learn a lesson about his boastful and impetuous ways...
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Theater for young audiences
70 - 80 minutes
2 f, 1 m, 18 either (14-30 actors possible: 0-29 f, 0-28 m)
Chiara Atik
Being a "little woman" in 1800s New England is just so hard, you know? Showing the world of the beloved March sisters through the lens of HBO's hit series Girls, Women is a hilarious, fast-paced contemporary spin on a timeless classic...
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60 - 70 minutes
5 f, 4 m (8-11 actors possible: exactly 5 f, 3-6 m)