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Paul Fleischman
When a young Vietnamese girl plants beans in a vacant lot to connect with the memory of her father, the diverse group of locals who take notice find a connection of their own in a spirited effort to re-imagine their run-down neighborhood. The first year in the life of a community garden unfolds in this "spoken musical," adapted from the award-winning children's novel of the same name...
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40 minutes
15 f, 15 m, 10 either (23-75 actors possible: 12-40 f, 11-35 m)
Talent Show Fail
Ian McWethy and 1 other
The town of Holly Springs has terrible roads, and the citizens are counting on the money raised from this year's talent show to fix them. Unfortunately, the one guy who has a talent wants to do taxes onstage this year. As the host, Tina is determined the show must go on, even as duets are being hastily converted to solos, angsty teens are reading upsetting poetry and everyone's being hounded by a heckler. Will the town of Holly Springs get their act together or are they doomed to a future of potholes and unrehearsed roller-skating? Find out in this warm and winning community comedy!
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25 - 35 minutes
5 f, 5 m (6-16 actors possible: 1-14 f, 2-15 m)
Brief Interviews with Internet Cats
Patrick Greene
Celebrity interviewer Ian McWorthy has a dream line-up for tonight's episode of the World Wide Window: a veritable litterful of felines whose internet antics have catapulted them to fame. In this fast-paced series of hilarious interviews, Ian uncovers the story behind Tuffy's first dramatic foray into a cardboard box, learns just what makes Nelson the Grouchy Cat so very, very grouchy, contends with the diva-like antics of Kitty Boo Boo and her entourage, and so much more...
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25 - 45 minutes
9 f, 7 m, 6 either (8-30 actors possible: 1-30 f, 1-30 m)
Once Upon a Pandora's Box
Monica Flory
Once upon a time in New York City, Tabitha and her brother Louis discover a box sitting in the hall of their apartment. Curious, Tabitha opens the box, allowing five imprisoned fairy tale villains to escape. Free at last, the dastardly villains begin to wreck the apartment, but when they discover that writing in Tabitha's notebook will give them control of other fictional characters, things really get dicey...
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60 - 75 minutes
7 f, 3 m, 3 either (11-16 actors possible: 7-13 f, 3-9 m)
110 Stories
Sarah Tuft
From the first crash at the Towers to a last goodbye at Ground Zero, 110 Stories takes us through 9/11 as told by those who were there. Based on interviews, this docu-play weaves together stories not shown on the news, from people we can relate to...a mother, a photojournalist, an ironworker, a chiropractor, and a homeless man who saved lives that day...
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110 - 115 minutes
8 either (8-26 actors possible: 0-26 f, 0-26 m)
11 Variations on Friar John's Failure
Yuri Baranovsky
What if Friar John had a second chance to avert the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet? What if he had a third chance, and a fourth, and more, only to fail and fail again at the hands of Lady Macbeth, or Robin Hood, or Tom Sawyer? And what would Shakespeare think...
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45 - 60 minutes
7 f, 23 m (10-33 actors possible: 3-10 f, 7-23 m)
The Unusual Suspects
Samara Siskind
One crime. Four high school students. And one angry principal. This hilariously action-packed comedy caper unites four unlikely students who may not have a lot in common on the surface. But they do share one thing -- utter animosity towards the man who's haunted their high school years. Will they get their revenge...
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90 - 95 minutes
8 f, 6 m (14-28 actors possible: 8-16 f, 6-12 m)
Kissing Scene
Carl Martin
An hour before acting class, Ashley and Richard meet to rehearse their scene. It calls for them to kiss five times, but whenever they get to the first kiss they break character to argue -- about Richard's lateness, about Ashley's attitude, about who chose this scene and why. Does one of them have a secret crush on the other? They'll have to rehearse the entire scene to find out -- if they can make it that far...
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20 - 25 minutes
1 f, 1 m
Jonathan Dorf
A group of students gets up in the morning, jumping into the expected cycle of every school day--but today, the school they go to is part of a larger, terrifying cycle of mass shootings. In a series of connected scenes and monologues that occur before, during, and after the event, young people of all stripes piece together what is happening and why...
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35 - 50 minutes
6 f, 6 m, 10 either (10-55 actors possible: 5-53 f, 2-50 m)
Showdown at Palm Tree Pines
Tess Barker
Flo and Donny rule the Home Owners Association at Palm Tree Pines retirement community with an iron fist - until their freewheeling new neighbors Mitzi and Jerry come to town. The new couple arrives armed with yoga, incense, and fresh ideas about how how to run the place, but Flo and Donny have no intention of giving up their spot without a fight...
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25 - 35 minutes
6 f, 5 m, 4 either (15-31 actors possible: 6-16 f, 5-15 m)
Law & Order: Fairy Tale Unit
Jonathan Rand
In the fairy tale criminal justice system, the characters from fairy tales and nursery rhymes are represented by two separate yet equally ridiculous groups: the fairy tale police who investigate fairy tale crime, and the fairy tale district attorneys who prosecute the fairy tale offenders. These are their stories...
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35 - 45 minutes
13 f, 8 m, 27 either (12-60 actors possible: 0-60 f, 0-60 m)
I Don't Want to Talk About It
Bradley Hayward
Being a teenager is hard, and nobody wants to talk about it. Confronting the daily challenges of growing up, this series of monologues and scenes offers a look at a multitude of issues -- including dealing with parents who just don't get it, rumors, bullying, and suicide. By turns funny and tragic, the gritty details of adolescence surface -- exposing the things teenagers can't, won't, and don't want to talk about...
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30 - 45 minutes
5 either (5-32 actors possible: 0-32 f, 0-32 m)
Antigone Now
Melissa Cooper
In the midst of a bombed-out city still feeling the aftershocks of war, the rebellious and intense Antigone defies her uncle to bury her disgraced brother. This contemporary response to the myth of Antigone brings powerful, modern prose to an ancient and universal story...
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50 - 60 minutes
3 f, 1 m (4-11 actors possible: 2-10 f, 1-9 m)
The Tell-Tale Farce
Don Zolidis
It's 1848, and Edgar Allan Poe is just coming off the spectacular success of "The Raven." Unfortunately, it's only earned him a grand total of nine dollars. So when a wealthy dowager commissions him to write her a poem for the vast sum of one hundred dollars, he leaps at the chance. ..
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105 - 115 minutes
4 f, 5 m
Shiloh Rules
Doris Baizley
A dedicated Union nurse and a mysterious Confederate refugee meet on the Shiloh battlefield to compete for the title of Best Female Reenactor of the Year. With their young trainees trying to out-do each other in "authenticity," and a concessionaire egging both sides on, their competition leads them into real conflict with Ranger Wilson, an African-American female park ranger who would rather be anywhere than the year 1862, imaginary or not...
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80 - 100 minutes
6 f
The Princess and the Porcupine
Ed Monk
Princess Perfect -- the most beautifulest princess in the whole wide world -- must be married, as her subjects are fed up with her expensive tastes. To win her hand, a courageous knight must defeat the dreaded Two-Headed Monster of Bad Stuff, and steal the Ruby it is protecting...
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Children's comedy
55 - 60 minutes
2 f, 4 m, 6 either (12-30 actors possible: 2-15 f, 4-15 m)
Chiara Atik
Jo March really thinks she could be the voice of her generation, or at least, a voice of a generation. But being a "little woman" in 1800s New England is just so hard, you know? Showing the world of the beloved March sisters through the lens of HBO's hit series Girls, Women is a hilarious, fast-paced contemporary spin on a timeless classic.
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60 - 70 minutes
5 f, 4 m (8-11 actors possible: exactly 5 f, 3-6 m)
The Shape of the Grave
Laura Lundgren Smith
The Troubles raging through Northern Ireland cost sixteen-year-old Colleen half her family, and she sees only one way to give her loss meaning: join the bloody fight for Irish independence from Britain...
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35 - 40 minutes
4 f, 3 m, 8 either (9-30 actors possible: 4-15 f, 2-15 m)
Kill Me, Deadly
Bill Robens
Charlie Nickels has a hard life as a gumshoe in the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles, and things are only made harder by the murder of a client and the theft of her 300 karat diamond. With the help of his wise-cracking secretary, Ida, Charlie seeks out the many suspects: smarmy bookworm Clive, equestrian beauty Veronica, snooty butler Wilson, sensitive muscle Louie, and mob boss Bugsy Siegel.
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Noir Comedy
105 - 120 minutes
5 f, 7 m (9-26 actors possible: 4-9 f, 5-17 m)
William McNulty
Professor Van Helsing and his brave comrades must hunt down and destroy the profoundly evil Count Dracula. But the Count is exceedingly resourceful, employing superhuman strength, psychic powers, and shape-changing to confound and frustrate his antagonists...
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100 - 110 minutes
7 f, 7 m (12-14 actors possible: 5-7 f, exactly 7 m)