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If you are looking for new, challenging plays for your next one-act competition, Playscripts is here to help:

  • Step 1: Choose your title.
  • Step 2: If applicable for the competition you're attending, verify the title is approved. You must obtain approval before you apply for a license. (If you're in Texas, check the UIL approved plays list or submit your play for approval on the UIL site by Dec 10th. )
  • Step 3: Submit a performance rights application. We advise you not to hold auditions, begin rehearsals, or make any major production plans before you have obtained written permission from Playscripts to proceed. Only apply for the number of performances that you are sure will take place at the competition or at your school.
  • Step 4: Rehearse and perform!
  • Step 5: Apply for additional performance rights as you advance.

The following authors have pre-approved their plays for changing curse words to less objectionable words, changing the pronouns associated with a character's gender if it does not effect the plot or tone, and cutting dialogue in order to fit time restrictions:
  • Alan Haehnel
  • Allison Gregory
  • Bekah Brunstetter
  • Bill Fountain
  • Christa Crewdson
  • David Riedy
  • Don Zolidis
  • Doris Baizley
  • Doug Rand
  • Dwayne Yancey
  • Ed Dowdall
  • Ed Monk
  • Elizabeth Downing
  • Elizabeth Wong
  • Garth Wingfield
  • Glen Berger
  • Greg Allen
  • Ian McWethy
  • J.R. Mimbs
  • Jason Pizzarello
  • Jeffrey Hatcher
  • Jeremy Bloom
  • Joe Landry
  • John Leverett
  • Jon Jory
  • Laurelyn Dossett
  • Mac Wellman
  • Mandy Conner
  • Marshall Pailet (excluding Triassic Parq)
  • Melissa Cooper
  • Michael Marks
  • Michael McKeever
  • Monica Flory
  • Naomi Iizuka
  • Nelly E Cuellar-Garcia
  • Patrick Greene
  • Qui Nguyen
  • Rebecca Schlossberg
  • Ross Mihalko
  • Steph DeFerie
  • Stephen Gregg
  • Tim Kochenderfer
  • Timothy Mason
  • Whitney Teubner
  • William Missouri Downs
  • Yuri Baranovsky

  • Below is a selection of popular competition titles to get you started. Or, begin your search using FIND-A-PLAY. If at any point you need assistance in finding a play, our team is here to help. EMAIL US or CALL US at (212) 540-9330

    Sending Down the Sparrows
    Laura Lundgren Smith
    As a reluctant member of the Hitler Youth, Viktor is surrounded by Nazi ideology, from the math problems he's given in class to the conversations he has with his friends. But Viktor is different, because he has a secret: his developmentally disabled sister, Alina, who he visits in a state institution.
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    40 - 45 minutes
    4 W, 7 M, 6 Any (10-17 actors possible: 3-7 W, 5-13 M)
    Lafayette No. 1
    Mandy Conner
    As the yellow fever epidemic ravages the streets of 1816 New Orleans, no one thinks of the orphans known as the Forgotten--except for Lizzie Landry.
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    35 - 45 minutes
    8 W, 7 M,  (15-25 actors possible: 8-13 W, 7-12 M)
    Badger (one-act)
    Don Zolidis
    Facing dangerous work with highly flammable powder as well as insidious sexism, the women form an unlikely friendship through joy and heartbreak. A vibrant ensemble brings the factory to life as each of the women confronts not only the challenges of entering the workforce in the darkest days of World War II, but also who she is and what she truly values.
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    35 - 45 minutes
    8 W, 5 M, 1 Any (14-45 actors possible: 8-40 W, 5-37 M)
    Jeremy Bloom
    Peter lures Wendy away from her nursery to the magical world of Neverland, where she joins his adventures with Tinker Bell, Tiger Lily, and the menacing Captain Hook. A low-tech, inventive adaptation that pays homage to the darker themes of J. M. Barrie's original.
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    65 - 75 minutes
    3 W, 2 M, 2 Any (7-30 actors possible: 3-30 W, 2-30 M)
    The Wild Bunch Women: A Memory Play
    Nelly E. Cuellar-Garcia
    The Wild Bunch Women were known throughout the Old West as cattle rustlers, stagecoach bandits, and bank robbers... but to Pearl Hart, they were family. Years later, Pearl revisits her time leading the fiery band of female outlaws, and the fateful day they travel to a small Texas town to cross the border and start fresh. But the past is not so easily outrun…
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    25 - 35 minutes
    15 W, 2 M,  (13-25 actors possible: 11-15 W, 2-10 M)
    Dark Road
    Laura Lundgren Smith
    Kind-hearted Lise is shocked at what her sister becomes, and though the two drift apart, their fates remain inextricably and dangerously linked. A powerful drama about the choices that allow evil to become ordinary.
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    40 - 45 minutes
    8 W, 3 M, 1 Any (9-26 actors possible: 9-20 W, 0-6 M)
    Naomi Iizuka
    Separated from his mother, a young refugee called Anon journeys through the United States, encountering a wide variety of people -- some kind, some dangerous and cruel -- as he searches for his family.
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    90 minutes
    6 W, 5 M,  (11-35 actors possible: 6-20 W, 5-15 M)
    Antigone Now
    Melissa Cooper
    In the midst of a bombed-out city still feeling the aftershocks of war, the rebellious and intense Antigone defies her uncle to bury her disgraced brother. This contemporary response to the myth of Antigone brings powerful, modern prose to an ancient and universal story.
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    50 - 60 minutes
    3 W, 1 M,  (4-11 actors possible: 2-10 W, 1-9 M)
    Don Zolidis
    Reeling from her sister's death, Beth suddenly finds herself journeying through a world suspiciously resembling the film The Wizard of Oz. A hilarious and heart-wrenching exploration of grief and perseverance.
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    40 - 50 minutes
    4 W, 4 M, 4 Any (8-16 actors possible: 4-8 W, 4-8 M)
    The Lost Boy
    Ronald Gabriel Paolillo
    Haunted by the tragic accident and his mother's harsh words, James M. Barrie slowly begins to confront his family's tragic past with the help of an unexpected friendship and his own gift for storytelling
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    110 - 120 minutes
    3 W, 4 M,  (7-18 actors possible: 3-10 W, 4-8 M)
    Mandy Conner
    A moment in American history sets the stage for this personal, immediate drama about finding purpose amid overwhelming disaster.
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    25 - 35 minutes
    5 W, 8 M, 5 Any (13-20 actors possible: 4-13 W, 7-16 M)
    A Voice in the Dark: A Salem Story
    Elizabeth Downing
    Told through the eyes of a teenager, A Voice in the Dark: A Salem Story is a thrilling and poignant tale from one of the darkest eras in American history.
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    Historical Drama
    70 - 85 minutes
    7 W, 3 M, 5 Any (13-18 actors possible: 7-15 W, 3-8 M)