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General Information

Submit Your Play

Playscripts, Inc. selects a wide variety of new plays for publication: short plays and full-length plays; comedies, dramas, and plays that defy genre; plays perfect for high schools, large professional theaters, or any number of other groups who want to create outstanding theater.


What To Do

Before you submit work to Playscripts, we strongly encourage you to visit our Playwright Services page and our Submissions FAQ for more detailed information about what we do.
In deciding what to submit for Playscripts' consideration, please keep in mind that we are looking for certain kinds of plays in particular:
If your play contains adult content, and is intended for adult audiences, then it must have already received at least one fully staged professional production with published reviews.
If your play does not contain adult content, and could therefore be appropriate for high schools or middle schools, then prior productions and a large cast size are advantageous, but not required.
You may submit any number of plays that fit what we are looking for.

Submission rules

  • Electronic submissions are strongly preferred. For instructions on hard copy query letters, see below.
  • Although we do publish and license musicals, the limitations of time and staff prevent us from accepting unsolicited musical submissions.
  • We do not accept screenplays.
  • Your play must not include material that you do not have permission to use.
  • Your play must not be previously published as part of an exclusive arrangement. (Note that most anthology and magazine publications are non-exclusive, and therefore do not pose a problem. If you are unsure, please contact us before submitting.)
  • Do not submit a play that is incomplete, unfinished, or a rough draft. Send us the entire completed play.
  • Playscripts has no problem with you submitting your play to other publishers simultaneously. If you receive a competing publication offer before hearing back from us, however, please let us know before signing a contract. This way we can expedite our evaluation, and you might be able to weigh more than one publication offer.
  • If you do decide to sign with another publisher while your play is still under consideration by Playscripts, you must let us know immediately, so that we do not waste resources evaluating a play that we cannot publish.
  • While we do not insist on one particular script format, your play should be clearly formatted and easily readable.
  • You do not need to register your play with the U.S. Copyright Office prior to submitting it. Playscripts will register any previously unregistered work in the event of publication. In any event, your work is automatically protected under copyright law from the moment you write it down.

Hearing back from Playscripts

Once you submit a play using the form below, we will contact you immediately via email to confirm that we have received it.
Please do not follow up, unless you have a competing publication offer to report. While we may be able to expedite our decision in the event of a competing publication offer, other follow-up inquiries will not accelerate the evaluation process.
The evaluation period lasts 3-6 months. Playscripts will always respond with a decision, either offering or declining to publish your play. If you haven't heard back from us after six months have elapsed, please let us know. 

Hard copy submission instructions

If your play is not available in electronic format, you may send a query letter to:

Playscripts, Inc.
Acquisitions  Director
7 Penn Plaza, Suite 904
New York, NY 10001
In your query letter, be sure to include:

  • The play's genre, duration, cast size, synopsis, year of creation, and a description of any adult content.
  • A 10-page dialogue sample from the play.
  • Any awards and productions the play has garnered.
  • Your full contact information, including email address. (If you have no email address, enclose a SASE in order for us to contact you once we have received your letter.)
  • Your agent's contact information, if applicable.
  • A brief biography.


Please do not mail unsolicited scripts. Allow at least a month for us to respond to your query letter. If you have any questions, please visit our Submissions FAQ. If your question is not addressed there, please contact us.



Save the File

Save the play as either a Microsoft Word (.doc), Adobe PDF (.pdf), or a Rich Text Format (.rtf) file.

If your play is not in Microsoft Word format:

Please use Rich Text Format which is available in most word processing programs by going to the "File" menu and selecting "Save As..." (in lieu of "Save"). You will be prompted to specify the following information:

  1. "Save in" : Specify where you would like to save the document (e.g. desktop, folder within hard drive, etc.)
  2. "File name" : Specify a name for your document, preferably the title of the play.
  3. "Save as type" : Specify "Rich Text Format."


Give your file a name using only letters or numbers (ie: playtitle3.doc or playversion2.rtf).


Your Information

Contact Information of Primary Author

Personal Info

Address Information

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Play Information

Cast Size

Playscripts, Inc. Submission Disclosure and Agreement

In submitting your material (your "Work") for consideration by Playscripts, Inc., you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. Playscripts, Inc. selects material, in its sole discretion, for publication from a large pool of submitted material, and is in no way obligated to publish or consider your Work. Playscripts, Inc. will not publish or license your Work without a signed Publishing and Licensing Agreement between you and Playscripts, Inc.
  2. You represent and warrant (a) that your Work does not infringe upon any third party's copyright or other property or publicity right; (b) that your Work is original to, and was created and/or written solely by you; and (c) that your Work is not libelous or unlawful.
  3. You acknowledge that other persons, including without limitation Playscripts, Inc. personnel, may have independently originated and submitted to Playscripts, Inc. and others material that may be similar or substantially identical to the material you are submitting to Playscripts, Inc., and may in the future originate and submit such material, or make it public. You agree that you have no right, title, and/or interest in such independently originated material. You further agree that you will not provide to Playscripts, Inc. any materials you deem to be "confidential" or "trade secret" materials.
  4. You hereby agree to indemnify and hold Playscripts, Inc. (and its agents) harmless from any and all claims, demands, costs, and liabilities that may arise in connection with a breach or repudiation by you of this Submission Disclosure and Agreement.

If you have any questions about this agreement or the submissions process, please contact us.


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