Emmett Loverde

Emmett Loverde grew up in Berkeley, California and studied theater at UCLA. In addition to A Timely Maneuver, Good Business Sense, and The Maginot Line, his stage comedies include Beauty, Brains, and Personality; Jesus Awakens the Little Girl; The Killist; Peace and Quiet; Play How You Play; Love Fax; Sensitivity, USA; Till You Get To Baraboo; So Much Snow; Uneasy Overture; Spotlight; and Santa's Letters. Over 150 separate productions of his plays have been mounted worldwide to date.

Mr. Loverde's comedic short films and music videos have been making the rounds at film festivals and online for several years. He is currently completing work on his second full-length motion picture, Till You Get To Baraboo, an adaptation of his stage play (tillyougettobaraboo.com). His science fiction feature screenplay Codec was nominated for the Best Science Fiction Feature Script at the 2009 Action On Film International Film Festival in Pasadena, California.

His other writing projects include a children's picture book, Clawdette the Cat, a commission for adapting Edgar Rice Burroughs' The Moon Maid for National Public Radio, and a book of short stories called Gifts for Good Friends.

Mr. Loverde is a former member playwright of the Playwrights Kitchen Ensemble of Los Angeles, a former teacher with the Los Angeles Unified School District, a member of The Rough Draft Theater Ensemble of Santa Monica, and a proud volunteer for The Virginia Avenue Project of Santa Monica, California.

Plays by Emmett Loverde