Raven Metzner

Raven Metzner is a feature screenwriter, television writer, producer and show-runner with over 12 years of experience. Mr. Metzner has co-written over 10 feature screenplays including Elektra and Deathok for Marvel Comics Pictures, an adaptation of Don Winslow's Cool Breeze On The Underground for Dreamworks, Nosebleed for New Line pictures, a comedy titled The Magnificent Six for Universal pictures, as well as production rewrites on Rush Hour 2. Mr. Metzner recently co-created, co-wrote and was an Executive Producer for the prime time series Six Degrees with ABC television and JJ Abrams' Bad Robot Productions. He is currently developing the DC/Vertigo property Fables for Warner Bros. television and ABC as well as the transmedia property Dragons vs. Robots with Massiverse, Inc.

Plays by Raven Metzner