Eric Peter Schwartz

Eric Peter Schwartz has been writing and performing in the Chicago area for the last 22 years. He cut his writing teeth in teen sketch comedy shows in the late eighties and early nineties. In 1995 he joined the sketch comedy group Gag Reflex Comedy Theater -- he took over as director in 1999 and continues with the group to this day. In 2007 he became the Executive Director of The First Street Playhouse in the Chicago Suburbs (now "The Geneva Underground Playhouse").

He is a published poet, has spent time as a freelance journalist, has written and performed in local radio and TV ads and has written and played with several small bands. Mr. Schwartz has also produced a great deal of online content from the internet radio series Gag Reflex Comedy Theater of the Air to the blog Monkey with a Laptop. In 2008, his short film screenplay, The Platonic Bomb was produced by Poor Child Films in Dallas, Texas.

He continues to busy himself writing for both stage and screen.

Plays by Eric Peter Schwartz