Emily C. A. Snyder

Emily C. A. Snyder has been writing, performing and directing plays since she was eight. Fortunately, like her, theatre folk are always eight years old at heart. The author of numerous plays, as well as of the Twelve Kingdom novels (Niamh and the Hermit and Charming the Moon, both published by Arx Publishing, LLC), and Nachtsturm Castle (from Girlebooks.com), Ms. Snyder has also worked as a director for adolescents and young adults, both in school systems and as the founder of Gaudete Academy, a theatre program for teenagers and young adults focusing primarily on the works of Shakespeare. Her play Cupid and Psyche, an original five-act play in iambic pentameter, premiered in Boston and placed as a semi-finalist with the Princess Grace Foundation. Ms. Snyder holds her Masters in Theatre Education from Emerson College, Boston, where she specialized in Theatre for Young Audiences (Adolescents). More information can be found via her website: http://www.christianfantasy.net/emilycasnyder

Plays by Emily C. A. Snyder