James Rickard

James Rickard is a playwright, artist, author, and teacher. He grew up near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Being noted as gifted in art, he took private art lessons and all available art classes in school. It was not until college where Mr. Rickard majored in art that he realized another passion: writing.

Mr. Rickard has written the one-act play, Piaget's Revenge, which was performed in July of 2006, and a two-act play Something Mutant, which was published by Playscripts, Inc. in 2009. The plays Mr. Rickard writes use dry humor and have subtle hints into dark comedy. Mr. Rickard is pursuing a master's degree at Penn State University and is currently a painting and ceramics teacher for Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. Mr. Rickard has also recently assumed the role of instructor and administrator for the Art Department at The Academy of Fine Arts in Gaithersburg.

Plays by James Rickard