Nelly E. Cuellar-Garcia

Nelly E. Cuellar-Garcia embarked upon her lifelong love affair with theatre while watching local artists perform their trades in barns and around campfires. Regional and local actors, musicians, poets, and writers flitted through her parents' ranch and filled her world with color and vivacity. Her fondest memories are of her father playing flamenco on his guitar and her mother reading poetry while they sat around the campfire. That was where she first heard the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca and fell in love with his work. Now a 25-year veteran theatre teacher, Ms. Cuellar-Garcia was blessed with a wonderful group of students who excelled in all forms of fine arts. Thus, the idea of gifting them with special adaptations of Blood Wedding and Medea was born.

Plays by Nelly E. Cuellar-Garcia