Kay Bradshaw

Kay Bradshaw (a.k.a. Kaefan Shaw) was a principal performer with the Emmy award-winning satirical TV puppet show Spitting Image, from pilot through to series 16, and also contributed as a comedy sketch writer to the show. She has also waggled puppets with The Muppets. She wrote, directed, and performed educational theatre with two of Britain's most innovative participatory theatre companies: Hoxton Hall Theatre and Professor Dogg's Troupe (famous for Tom Stoppard's Dogg's Hamlet). She performed and wrote for the science-education TV show Panic Station, several educational computer games, and Sierra's successful Hoyle Classic Games series. She was director of the Youth Intern Program in the Ojai Shakespeare Festival, and led the Drama programs at Vistamar School, Oak Grove School, and Woodstock Day School. Ms. Bradshaw is now a freelance writer, actor, director, and editor, based in Sweden.

Plays by Kay Bradshaw