Yuri Baranovsky

Yuri Baranovsky was born in Kiev, Ukraine, which he left at the age of five as a Jewish refugee. A busy kind of bee, he was the co-creator and co-writer of the critically-acclaimed (Wall Street Journal, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, The New York Times) and award-winning web series, Break a Leg (www.breakaleg.tv), which, during its run, garnered nearly five million views and was considered one of the biggest shows on the Internet. Aside from that, he has also worked as the Head Writer for MOJO HD's The Circuit -- a popular TV and Internet show. Considered to be an innovator on the forefront of internet media, Mr. Baranovsky is still firmly rooted in his theater roots and hopes to continue writing until he is put on a raft and shot with burning arrows.

Plays by Yuri Baranovsky