Julien Schwab

Julien Schwab was born in New York and studied drama at Syracuse University. In addition to roger&tom, he is the author of the plays Nicotine and Beautiful Morning. His short piece Stats was featured as part of Myth America (Personal Space Theatrics) in New York. He was also co-writer of the book for the musical Christmas Through The Century (The Gateway Playhouse). His plays have been produced in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, Scotland (as part of the Edinburgh Festival) and Estonia (as part of the Midwinter Night's Dream festival). He was co-writer of the films Across The Hall, Bulldog and has written many other screenplays and television pilots. He's also the creator and host of Advice From Grown-Ups, a comedic sticom/podcast. He lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend Allison and their medium-sized dog.

Plays by Julien Schwab