Julia Weiss

Julia Weiss is a 2007 graduate of the Indiana University Theatre and Drama program, where she studied playwriting under the mentorship of Dennis Reardon and Paul Shoulberg. As a junior, her one-act play, Mr. Postman was honored by the Indiana University Theatre Circle and was later produced by The Bloomington Playwright's Project. In 2008, Ms. Weiss became affiliated with Corn Productions, a long-standing storefront theatre in the heart of Chicago's North Center community, where she has produced several plays. Ms. Weiss's staged works include: Salute My Shorts, The Somewhat Gelatinous Blob From Beyond The Grave (And Also The Grave's In Outer Space), Jesus Camp (co-written by Corn's artistic director, Robert Bouwman), and Tammy: A Coming of Age Story About a Girl Who is Part T-Rex. Ms. Weiss's written work has also been seen on McSweeney's Internet Tendency and at The Paper Machete, a weekly live magazine. Ms. Weiss studied improvisational comedy at the world-famous iO Theatre, where she currently performs.

Plays by Julia Weiss