Cindy Marcus

Cindy Marcus won an acting scholarship to the Teenage Drama Workshop in Los Angeles when she was but a teen. She's made her living in show business ever since. With her husband and partner, Flip Kobler, she spent many years at Disney writing the sequels to Pocahontas, Lady And The Tramp, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, and many, many others.

Her books, Playdate - A Parent And Teachers Guide To Putting On A Play and The Ultimate Young Actors Guide, are now available through Meriweather Publishing.

She is the front man for Showdown, sharing her unique experience in Hollywood and passion for theater with a new generation of teens. As an in-demand acting coach, she helps craft young actors; as a mentor, she supports young souls. As a writer, she continues to have plays published and screenplays sold, but working with teens is her true calling. Her intensive acting class is always "sold out," and teens return year in and year out to work with her as a director.

Plays by Cindy Marcus