Margaret Raether

Margaret Raether first encountered P. G. Wodehouse in the form of a battered secondhand paperback of The Code of the Woosters when she was in college. This, as Bogart once famously observed, was "the beginning of a beautiful friendship." A founding member of Artists' Ensemble Theatre, most of Ms. Raether's plays have debuted either at Artists' Ensemble or at New American Theater, where she spent two seasons as Playwright in Residence. Her plays are pounded out late at night while peering around a cat that likes to sit in front of her monitor.

Ms. Raether's trilogy of P. G. Wodehouse adaptations have been described as "bright and engaging as a garden party in May" (Chicago Tribune), "as dry as a well-made martini and equally potent" (Herald Tribune), and her writing "wonderfully captures the late British humorist's renowned wit" (Seattle Times).

Plays by Margaret Raether