Shawn Northrip

Shawn Northrip received a BA in Theatre Education from Catholic University of America and a MFA in Musical Theatre Writing from New York University. Plays include: Titus X (Page to Stage, Sept. 2002, CUA Workshop, Dec. 2002, 23rd Annual Washington New Play Festival, July 2003, Source Theatre, Sept. 2003, New York Musical Festival, Sept. 2004, Chashama, Oct. 2004, the Tank, August 2006, Black Cat, July and December 2007, Capital Fringe Festival, July 2009, Dysfunctional Theatre Company, Fall 2009, published by New York Theatre Experience in Playing with Cannons, Sept. 2006); McMusical (Source Workshop, Feb. 2004, Page to Stage, Sept. 2004); Ramona and Juliet (ADP Reading Series, April 2004, Buffalo Infringement Festival, Aug. 2006, Buffalo United Artists, Dec. 2006); Lunch (Madcap Players' Winter Carnival, Jan. 2005, Kennedy Center Kenan Foundation, April 2005, Page to Stage, Sept. 2005, Capital Fringe Festival, July 2006, New York Musical Festival, Sept. 2006); Cautionary Tales for Adults (Madcap Players' Winter Carnival, Jan. 2006, Page to Stage, Sept. 2006, Capital Fringe Festival, July 2007, Winner Audience Choice: Pick of the Fringe, Round House Theatre, November 2008); Lost Sock: Have You Seen Me (Madcap Players' Winter Carnival, Jan. 2007); A Midsummer Dyke's Dream (Buffalo Infringement Festival, August 2007); Playdoh Golem (Theatre J/J OnDemand, March 2008, Page to Stage Festival, September 2008); Dream Date, The Musical! (Madcap Players' Winter Carnival, Jan. 2009).

Affiliations include: Bouncing Ball Theatrical Productions, Founding Member; Brazen-faced Varlets, Company Playwright; recipient of the Anna Sosenko Assist Trust Grant for songwriters.

Mr. Northrip is a member of The Dramatists Guild of America, Inc.

Plays by Shawn Northrip