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Troy Women
Break Fast
You're Welcome (A Cycle of Bad Plays)
Greek Stories: From Artemis to Zeus
Bulgarian Rhapsody
the terrible girls
Little Women (full-length)
Humana Festival 2008: The Complete Plays
Crumble (Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake)
11 Variations on Friar John's Failure
AP Theatre
The Unfinished
No Shoulder
Only the Library
New Kids at Vampire High
The Imaginary Invalid: A Dramatical Primer
Mars Needs Women, But Not As Much As Arnold Schecter
Finger Food
Ghost Dance
The Secret Sharer
Ten-Minute Plays from the Guthrie Theater: Volume 2
Little Red Riding Hood (and The Power Mutants)
The Trips
Rock Scissors Paper
Letters to Kurt
Izzy Icarus Fell Off the World
Three Dimensions
Who's a Good Boy?
The Great Father
I'm A Teenager Get Me Out of This Family
The Imaginary Invalid (full-length version)
Math for Actors
A Doll's House is a Metaphor
Chemical Bonding (or Better Living through Chemistry)
Another Night Before Christmas
Meet the Roommates

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