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Pluto Was a Planet
No Shoulder
The Scary Question
Invisible Woman
A Christmas Carol
Junie B. in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells!
Revival at Possum Kingdom Community Church
The Oy of Sex
The Ghosts May Laugh
Monkey Do
The Flip Side
Atwater: Fixin' to Die
At Play: Teaching Teenagers Theater
Dracula: The Journal of Jonathan Harker
AP Theatre
King of the Jews
Check Please: Take 3
Murray, Leo and Sol Rewrite the Criminal Code
Five Flights
Laugh Out Loud (cry quietly)
Bladder Control
I Dream Before I Take the Stand
Broken But Not Torn
Striking Out the Babe
September Call-Up
The Secret Sharer
And the Winner Is...
Fearful Symmetry
The Spectre Bridegroom
Convention: Two Days of Comic Books Gone Bad
The Woman Who Amuses Herself
Something Mutant
Mill Girls (one-act)
Romeo, You Idiot (one-act)
Heritage, Her-i-tage, and Hair-i-tage
One Man's Secret Desire
The Turn of the Screw

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