The Doctor in Spite of Himself (short version)
I Didn't Know You Could Cook (one-act version)
The Big Eleven
Common Ground
The Wizard of Oz
Snow White and the Magic Mirror
The End of Civilization As We Know It
A Trois
I Am Not Alone
Away in the Manger
Holy Broth
Just Add Zombies
Mary & Myra
There Shall Be No Bottom (a bad play for worse actors)
Tyler Poked Taylor
Atwater: Fixin' to Die
Bethlehem or Bust: How The Three Kings Teamed Up To Deliver The World's First Christmas Presents
When They Speak of Rita
The Miser (full-length version)
The Island of Dr. Moreau
Anna Bella Eema
Humana Festival 2009: The Complete Plays
Seven Minutes in Heaven
The Devil in Sherman Marsh
Our Rotten Town
Small Packages: Collected Short Plays
Good Bobby
Imaginary Harry
Women in Heat
Nightmare with a Sexy Skirt
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Juliet's Ghost
Any Place But Here
The Museum Play
Little Red Riding Hood
Lapis Blue Blood Red
Nine Dragons

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