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The Reckless Ruthless Brutal Charge of It, or, The Train Play
Photo Opportunity
Gold in the Bones
A Seussified Christmas Carol (full-length)
The Return to Morality
Men of Stone
Little Women (one-act)
Jam Jar Sonnets
Anna and August
The Miraculous Journey of Nicholas
Late Night in the Women's Restroom of the Jungle Bar
Can This Marriage Be Saved?
The Adventures of The Pink WASP & Yellow Jacket (in color)
When They Speak of Rita
Abraham Lincoln's Big, Gay Dance Party
Game of Tiaras (one-act)
The SeussOdyssey (full-length)
Nothing is the End of the World (except for the end of the world)
The Grand Design
Technical Theater for Nontechnical People
Reefer Madness
The Shakespeare Stealer (one-act)
Emergency Prom
Play It As It Lies
Dutch Treat
Don't Talk to the Actors
The New Land
Quentin G
Invisible Woman
Old Macbeth Had a Farm (one-act)
Al Takes a Bride
theAtrainplays, Vol. 1
Elvis Has Left the Building
Fat Beckett
The Gardens of Aztlan

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