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The Miser (full-length version)
The Count of Monte Cristo
One Man's Secret Desire
Triumph in Argentina
The Return to Morality
Once Upon a Pandora's Box
Drinking Habits
Little Women 2: Wrath of the Undead
A Little Help
Scene at Mount Rushmore
Holiday Shmoliday
Humana Festival 2011: The Complete Plays
Trepidation Nation
The Lost Boy
Honor and the River
Little Red Riding Hood
Mill Girls (one-act)
The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet
The Tree
Brazilian Wax Eloquent
Just Like I Wanted
Kissing Scene
Good Good Trouble on Bad Bad Island
The Civilians: An Anthology of Six Plays
Post-Its (Notes on a Marriage)
Dracula: The Journal of Jonathan Harker
The Two Halves of Andrew's Brain
Evergreen: A Christmas Story
Mars Needs Women, But Not As Much As Arnold Schecter
Pride and Prejudice
Great Short Comedies: Volume 6
Murray, Leo and Sol Rewrite the Criminal Code
The Concorde Fallacy
Unnecessary Farce
Three Guys and a Brenda
The Snow Queen

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