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I, Carpenter
A Christmas Carol
Three Seconds in the Key
The Emperor's New Clothes
Old Macbeth Had a Farm (one-act)
Her First Screen Test
Saving the Greeks: One Tragedy at a Time (full-length)
Patty Red Pants
(I Am) Nobody's Lunch
Mayla the Monkey Girl
The Monster Hunters
37 Postcards
The Election
The Butleress
Eloise & Ray
The Worstest Play Ever Wrote
Scenes From A Dance
Mary & Myra
Judgment Day
Invisible Woman
The Ghosts May Laugh
A Play With Words
Vegetarians in Lust
The Spoon River Project
Tammy: A Coming of Age Story About a Girl Who is Part T-Rex
Governing Alice
Tyler Poked Taylor
The Moving Body: Teaching Creative Theatre
Circumference of a Squirrel
In Paris You Will Find Many Baguettes but Only One True Love
Break Fast
Star-Crossed Lovers
!Artistic Inspiration
The Millennials
Heart of the Fire
The Cask of Amontillado
A Hill of Magic Beans, or Here's Looking at You, Jack

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