Official Rules

Wilder Wilder Video Contest

All music, images, video footage and other content must be either originally produced by the person uploading the contest entry, or proper permissions must be authorized by the copyright owner. Proper permissions must include the right for the contest entry uploader to use the content in a commercial venture. Likewise, it is the responsibility of the contest entry uploader to ensure that all permissions are in place for use of actors’ and/or models’ likenesses.

CONTEST DATES: Wilder Wilder Everywhere (the “Contest”) begins October 8, 2012 at and ends on February 8, 2012 (the “Contest Period”). There are a series of Contest-related events which are noted in the Contest calendar below:
  • Contest announced and contestants may begin work on their videos. (Oct 8, 2012)
  • Video submissions & online voting Period. (Jan 14, 2013 – Jan 28, 2013)
  • Finalists announced (Jan 28, 2012)
  • Winner announced (Feb 8, 2012)
CONTEST ENTITIES: The Wilder Family, LLC. (the “Sponsor”), Playscripts, Inc. (the “Administrator”) (Sponsor and Administrator are collectively referred to as the “Contest Entities”).
ELIGIBILITY: Submitting a video in this Contest is open to persons who, on the date of entry, are legal residents of one of the fifty (50) United States or the District of Columbia, at least eighteen (18) years of age, and who are registered users of Employees, independent contractors, officers, and directors of Sponsor or Administrator ; its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion, and fulfillment agencies, and legal advisors; the judging panel; and the immediate family members and persons living in the same household of such persons are not eligible to participate in the Contest. Also ineligible to participate are any parties who: a) are under any obligation, contractual or otherwise, that would limit or impair any of the Contest Entities’ ability to use the Video Submission (as defined below) as set forth in these Official Rules; b) are under any obligation, contractual or otherwise, that would make their appearance in the Video Submission a violation of any third party right(s); c) are under any obligation, contractual or otherwise, that would prohibit them from accepting any of the prizes described below; d) are under a merchandising or similar agreement that would restrict exploitation of any right related to the Video Submission; or e) are under any other contractual relationship (including but not limited to guild and/or union memberships), that may prohibit them from participating fully in this Contest, or from allowing the Contest Entities to use, on a residual-free and royalty-free basis, the Video Submission worldwide in all media and for all uses as further described below.
HOW TO ENTER: To enter, create a video (“Video Submission”) in which you utilize your creative abilities to produce a video that either faithfully dramatizes, or adapts one of Thornton Wilder’s playlets into a short film. We require groups or persons creating the video to use all the original characters from the selected playlet, as well as a minimum of 5 lines of dialog (one line defined as at least one sentence long). The lines of dialogue do not need to be consecutive. The playlets are available to read at
Once you create your Video Submission, visit the Contest area located online at the (the “Contest Website”) and upload your Video Submission using the interface made available on the Contest Website for this purpose. Entrants must be logged in to Facebook to enter. Video Submissions may be submitted anytime during the Video Submission Period. There is a limit of one Video Submission per Registered User for the entire Submission Period.
VIDEO SUBMISSION TECHNICAL/CREATIVE REQUIREMENTS: Running Time: Each Video Submission must be between(:90) seconds and (3:00) minutes, including any credits. Playscripts, Inc. reserves the right to allow for minor fluctuations between the Video Submission length limitation and the actual length of a Video Submission submitted in this Contest, as well as other minor deviations from the Video Submission Technical/Creative Requirements, based on clear intent to comply with these Official Rules, as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion. Language: All Video Submissions must be in English. Video is formatted and encoded in accordance with the requirements listed on the Facebook Website: Other Requirements: In addition to the requirements listed above, the following additional items are also required for all Video Submissions: While there is no limit to the number of people than can be a part of the Video Submission (whether assisting in the production, editing, or appearing in the Video Submission), only the Registered User who submits the Video Submission will be considered the Entrant (the “Entrant”). Only the Entrant will be considered for the Contest. For the avoidance of doubt, the Entrant must also be the owner of the Registered Facebook Username from which the Video Submission was submitted.
All Video Submissions must be uploaded to the Contest through the Contest Website and must comply with the Facebook Terms found here:
Video Submissions must not:
include trademarks, logos, or copyrighted material not owned by you or used without permission (such as company names, music, photographs, works of art, or images published on or in websites, television, movies, or other media), to the extent permission is necessary; contain profanity, pornographic, or sexual content, content promoting alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, firearms, or weapons, hateful content of any kind (including racism, sexism, etc.), content that promotes violence or harm to another living creature, or any other offensive, obscene, or inappropriate content; defame, misrepresent, or contain disparaging remarks about other people or companies, including, but not limited to the Contest Entities and their respective products and services; promote a political agenda regardless of the political affiliation; contain materials embodying the names, likenesses, photographs, or other identifying elements of any person, living or dead, without permission.
Video Submissions that do not comply with these Official Rules, as determined in Administrator’s sole discretion, may be disqualified from the Contest and may not appear on either Contest Website. Decisions of the Administrator are final and binding.
ENTRY TERMS: Contest is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws & regulations. This Contest is void where prohibited. By entering, you represent and warrant that your Video Submission, and all elements thereof satisfy these Official Rules as well as the Facebook Terms. By submitting a Video Submission, you also represent and warrant that your Video Submission:
is your original work and has not been entered into another contest previously; complies with these Official Rules, including the Video Submission Technical/Creative Requirements set forth above; has not previously been published or won an award or prize of any kind; does not infringe or violate the rights of any third party, including but not limited to, copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, logos, contract and licensing rights, rights of publicity or privacy, moral rights, image rights or any other intellectual property rights; is not subject to any third party agreements, and that the Contest Entities will not be required to pay or incur any sums to any person or entity as a result of their use, exhibition, or exploitation of the idea or video or elements therein; does not contain any content that is likely to be considered offensive by the Contest Entities or could adversely affect the name, reputation, or goodwill of the Contest Entities; does not feature, refer to, or mention any competing brands of the Contest Entities.
In addition, you represent and warrant that you have written proof that required permits from local authorities and other permissions required to produce Video Submission have been obtained (e.g., a location release for any recognizable location in the Video Submission);
Each Video Submission may only be submitted by a single Registered User. Group entries will not be accepted (e.g., although different individuals might have taken part in the making of a Video Submission, only one individual may submit the Video Submission in this Contest and receive a prize should such Video Submission be deemed a Prize winner).
By entering the Contest, you represent and warrant that you have obtained all of the rights, licenses, and permissions from each person who helped to create the Video Submission or is featured in the Video Submission. Sponsor reserves the right to request proof of such rights, licenses, and permissions in a form acceptable to Sponsor. Failure to provide them may result in disqualification. If the Contest Entities determine, in their sole discretion, that you have breached a representation or warranty, your Video Submission may be disqualified and all associated Video Submissions will be void.
Entrant agrees that Released Parties (Playscripts, Inc & The Wilder Family LLC) are not responsible for any unauthorized use of Video Submissions by third parties. Released Parties do not guarantee the posting of any Video Submission and may take down any Video Submission at any time. Entrants agree that they will not use the Video Submission for any other purpose, including, without limitation, posting the Video Submission to any other online social network, without the express consent of Sponsor in each instance.
Released Parties are not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate entry of information, human error, technical malfunction, lost/delayed data transmission, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, line failure of any telephone, computer or other network, computer equipment, software or any combination thereof, inability to access the Facebook or problems uploading or downloading any Contest-related materials from either Contest Website, or for late, lost, damaged, misdirected, incorrect or incomplete entry or other errors or difficulties of any kind whether human, mechanical, electronic, computer, network, typographical, printing or otherwise relating to or in connection with the Contest, including, without limitation, errors or difficulties which may occur in connection with the administration of the Contest, the processing or judging of Video Submissions, the tabulation of votes, the announcement of the prize winners, the incorrect uploading of the Video Submission or in any Contest-related materials. For purposes of these Official Rules, receipt of entry occurs when Facebook or Administrator’s servers (as applicable) successfully receive the uploaded video file and record the required entry information on the applicable Contest Website. Any entry information collected from the Contest shall be used only in a manner consistent with Sponsor’s Privacy Policy, available

(1)Public Voting

During the Video Submission Period identified above, all Eligible Video Submissions received will be posted for public voting on the Contest Website. All Facebook users can vote. for the video by “liking” the video on The Contest Website:
(2) Finalist Selected
On or about January 28, 2012 Playscripts, Inc. will tally the likes each submission has received and declare finalists based on the videos that have received the most likes. In the event of a tie vote, the videos with the tie score will both advance as finalists.
The Judges shall not be obliged to select any, or any minimum number of Submissions as Finalists, if less than three Submissions are received for the Contest.
(3) Winner announced
On or about February 8, 2013 Playscripts, Inc. will announce one winner, who will receive the $1000 prize.
PRIZE CONDITIONS: All prize awards are subject to verification of eligibility and compliance with these Official Rules.
ADDITIONAL CONTEST TERMS: By entering this Contest, Entrants grant Contest Entities and each of their affiliates, licensees, promotional partners, advertising and promotion agencies, and third party marketing entities non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable rights to edit, modify, cut, rearrange, add to, delete from, copy, reproduce, translate, dub, adapt, publish, exploit, and use the content of and elements embodied in the Video Submissions, in perpetuity in any and all media, including but not limited to digital and electronic media, computer, audio, and audiovisual media (whether now existing or hereafter devised), in any language, throughout the world, and in any manner, for trade, advertising, promotional, commercial, or any other purposes without further review, notice, approval, consideration, or compensation. Entrants waive and release Contest Entities, from any and all claims that Entrants may now or hereafter have in any jurisdiction based on “moral rights” or “droit moral” or unfair competition with respect to Contest Entities exploitation of entries without further notification or compensation to Entrants of any kind, and agree not to instigate, support, maintain, or authorize any action, claim, or lawsuit against the Released Parties, on the grounds that any use of any Video Submission, or any derivative works, infringe, or violate any of Entrants rights therein. Contest Entities will have licensing rights to the actual Video Submission. By entering this Contest, Entrants agree that Contest Entities shall have the right and permission to use their name, picture, voice, performance, biographical data, photograph, testimonial, or other likeness and/or prize information or personal exposition (and/or any edited portion thereof), and/or any information contained in his/her Video Submission, for promotional, advertising, publication, broadcast, and/or publicity purposes in any media, now or hereafter known, in any manner, throughout the world in perpetuity, without compensation or notice to, or further consent of, to the Entrant to the extent permitted by law. Contest Entities reserve the right not to enter into any correspondence, including email, with non-winning Entrants. The Contest Entities reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to disqualify any individual found tampering with the entry process or entry materials or otherwise interfering with the proper administration of the Contest or violating these Official Rules and all such Video Submissions will be void. YOU ACCEPT THE CONDITIONS STATED IN THESE OFFICIAL RULES, AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE DECISIONS OF THE SPONSOR, ADMINISTATOR PANEL, JUDGES AND PUBLIC VOTING, WARRANT THAT YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS CONTEST, AND AGREE TO RELEASE, INDEMNIFY, AND HOLD HARMLESS THE RELEASED PARTIES AND YOUTUBE FROM AND AGAINST ANY AND ALL CLAIMS, LOSSES, LIABILITY, AND DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, (INCLUDING REASONABLE ATTORNEYS’ FEES AND EXPENSES) ASSERTED AGAINST ANY OF THEM, INCURRED, SUSTAINED, OR ARISING IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE, ACCEPTANCE, MISUSE, OR DONATION OF ANY PRIZE OR WHILE PREPARING FOR, PARTICIPATING IN, AND/OR TRAVELLING TO OR FROM ANY CONTEST-RELATED ACTIVITY, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY INJURY, DAMAGE, DEATH, LOSS, OR ACCIDENT TO PERSON OR PROPERTY, OR FROM THE RESPECTIVE ENTRANTS’ BREACH OF ANY AGREEMENT OR WARRANTY ASSOCIATED WITH THE CONTEST, INCLUDING THESE OFFICIAL RULES. THE CONTEST ENTITIES AND EACH OF THEIR RESPECTIVE LICENSEES RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SEEK DAMAGES AND OTHER REMEDIES (INCLUDING, WIHTOUT LIMITATION, ATTORNEYS’ FEES), TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW FROM ANY PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ATTEMPT TO DELIBERATELY DAMAGE ANY WEBSITE CONNECTED TO THE CONTEST OR UNDERMINE THE LEGITIMATE OPERATION OF THE CONTEST.
You hereby acknowledge and agree that the relationship between you and the Contest Entities is not a confidential, fiduciary, or other special relationship, and that your decision to provide the Video Submission to the Contest Entities for purposes of the Contest does not place the Contest Entities in a position that is any different from the position held by members of the general public with regard to elements of the Video Submission, other than as set forth in these Official Rules. You understand and acknowledge that the Contest Entities have wide access to ideas, stories, designs, and other literary materials, and that new ideas are constantly being submitted to it or being developed by their own employees. You also acknowledge that many ideas or stories may be competitive with, similar to, or identical to the Video Submission and/or each other in theme, idea, plot, format, or other respects. You acknowledge and agree that you will not be entitled to any compensation as a result of Contest Entities’ use of any such similar or identical material that has or may come to Contest Entities, or any of them, from other sources. You acknowledge and agree that the Contest Entities do not now and shall not have in the future any duty or liability, direct or indirect, vicarious, contributory, or otherwise, with respect to the infringement or protection of the entrant’s copyright in and to the submission. Finally, you acknowledge that, with respect to any claim by you relating to or arising out of any Contest Entities’ actual or alleged exploitation or use of any submission or other material submitted in connection with the Contest, the damage, if any, thereby caused to you will not be irreparable or otherwise sufficient to entitle you to seek injunctive or other equitable relief or in any way enjoin the production, distribution, exhibition, or other exploitation of any program, website, advertising, materials or other thing based on or allegedly based on the Video Submission, and your rights and remedies in any such event shall be strictly limited to the right to recover damages, if any, in an action at law.
This Contest is governed by laws of the State of New York. Any and all legal actions or claims arising in connection with this Contest must be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action, and must be brought in a court of competent jurisdiction in the State of New York. If, in the Contest Entities’ sole opinion, there is any suspected or actual evidence of electronic or non-electronic tampering with any portion of the Contest, or if technical difficulties compromise the integrity of the Contest, the Contest Entities reserve the right to void suspect Video Submissions and/or votes and/or terminate the Contest and award the prizes at their sole discretion. The use of any automated launching or entry software or any other mechanical or electronic means that permits the participant to automatically enter or vote repeatedly is prohibited. In the event of a dispute as to the identity of an entrant based on an email address, the entry in question may be disqualified in the Contest Entities sole discretion.
WINNER: The name of the winner will be posted on the Playscripts, Inc. blog: on or about October 8, 2012.