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Playwrights on Process
How does a writer, well, write? Having an idea is relatively easy, but putting pen to paper and seeing an idea through is a different story, and the whole process of writing itself can seem daunting, even mysterious. In this blog post, we pull back the curtain on process, as 9 playwrights share what their creative process is like—how often they like to write, where they like to write, how they find their inspiration.
I write in spurts. When I’m in a spurt I’m writing most every day, ideally a chunk in the morning and then another chunk later though I ...
9 Playwrights Share Their Advice for Aspiring Writers
Over the years, we’ve had the chance to speak with numerous playwrights about their craft. One question we love to ask writers is what their advice would be for writers starting out—what wisdom they might impart to their younger selves. Here, we share with you some of that advice.
“Keep writing. Find people you want to work with who inspire you. Keep asking questions, keep pushing yourself. Stay curious. The world is big and strange and wondrous. Explore. And as you do, try to be kind to yourself and to others. Also, be patient. Writing is a lifelong process. There ...
We chat with Paul Fleischman, author of “Seedfolks”

Adapted from the award-winning children's novel, Seedfolks tells the story of the first year in the life of a community garden. We talk with playwright and author Paul Fleischman about his influences, writing for young audiences, and corn (yes, corn!).

What was the original inspiration behind Seedfolks?

Opening the newspaper and reading about a therapist who had her clients garden. That article pulled scenes from my memory like a magnet: my mother’s teaching veterans to garden at a VA hospital years before, my parents’ ...
Deconstructing Justice: Murder in the First
To what extent can people who have gone through severe psychological trauma truly be held accountable for their actions? To what extent is justice truly served in the federal justice system? These questions, along with the more generalized themes of hypocrisy and brutality, are explored in Dan Gordon's play Murder in the First. Already having written the respective literary and film versions of Murder in the First, Gordon discusses what transforming this story into a theatrical work has meant to him, its deeper themes and why he loves writing for the stage:

Robert Schenkkan on Writing and the Wonderful World of Theatre

Whether it is exploring American mythology in his Pulitzer Prize-winning play The Kentucky Cycle , or turning Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston into President Lyndon B. Johnson for his current, Tony award winning Broadway production All the Way, playwright Robert Schenkkan is a notable fixture in the theatrical world. Here, Schenkkan discusses By the Waters of Babylon, his latest work to be published here at Playscripts, Inc., as well as his personal writing routine, favorite writers, and why he is proud to call himself a theater geek.
Why ...

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