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6 Questions with Lia Romeo
Lia Romeo’s new play, Connected, is a funny, heartbreakingly real look at love and friendship in the age of social media. We spoke with the playwright about the inspiration behind the play, writing, and the importance of a good day job.

What was the inspiration behind Connected?

Connected was commissioned by HotCity Theatre in St. Louis, and they wanted a play that dealt with social media and technology in some way. So the subject matter was inspired by the commission itself, and when I first heard what the theater wanted, ...
Henry’s Law, a play about bullying
There can be no denying that our current culture is dominated by an abundance of information available to us online, as well as the ability to be in nearly constant contact with others through various social media outlets. But is that always a good thing? Well, not when a misguided post online can damage a person and potentially lead to drastic consequences. In her recent play entitled Henry's Law, playwright Stacie Lents explores this deeply prevalent issue of cyberbullying. Here, Ms. Lents discusses why this issue matters, how it can potentially be better addressed and the pros ...
Want to Live Forever? There’s an App for That
What if you could outwit death by preserving your mind and memories in a way which would allow you to "live" via an advanced computer screen after your physical body perishes? Would this really "be you"--would you be alive? Two Point Oh is a compelling, thought-provoking play that delves into this very issue. The play's author, Jeffrey Jackson, reflects on his work, the deeper questions it explores and why technology becoming increasingly prominent in our lives may not be so scary or dehumanizing after all:

The premise of Two Point Oh is fascinating. ...
Free and Almost Free Ways to Promote Your Production
When you’re busy producing a play the last thing you want to think about is filling seats. Whether you’re staging and elaborate Broadway musical or a bare bones middle school production, developing an audience should be a top priority.

Marketing your production begins before you start rehearsals. Online fundraising has become a way to build excitement and cultivate fans.  Kickstarter is a relatively simple way to raise funds and build awareness. Kickstarter allows you to create traditional and not-so-traditional donor awards based on pledge level. Awards don’t need to ...
Internship Opportunity
We are currently seeking an intern with a strong interest in learning about the play publishing industry. An appreciation of theater is required, and an enthusiasm for new works is a plus. This is a highly interactive internship that aims to provide actual publishing experience with a concentration in the Publications / Editorial Department and the Customer Service Department.

Duties can include copyediting and formatting manuscripts, assisting with social media postings, and working on a variety of company projects and administrative tasks. We're looking for energetic, ...
7 Ways to Promote Your Summer Stock Production Online
The summer stock season is in full swing! What better time than now for some tips on how you can promote your production online?

Listed below are 7 marketing tips that we came up with -- some of which we’re sure you already knew about or have mastered by now. But, hopefully, there is something here that you had not considered yet, and might be worth trying as something new to add to your marketing plan.

1. Video:

Create a YouTube ( channel for your theater and incorporate your videos on your site, blog, Facebook account, and ...

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