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I really appreciate Playscripts and their work toward creating better theater and theater experiences for all. Jay Muldoon Theater Teacher, Fairfield, OH
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The Making of a Musical: ‘Like You Like It’ (Part 1)
In this three-part series, Sammy Buck and Daniel Acquisto discuss how their Shakespeare-'80s mashup musical Like You Like It (soon-to-be published!) came to be.

Part 1: Clubs, Breakfast, and Drama

Our little show can drive now. Yup, 16 years ago, we presented our first song at the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop (“Easy Way Out.”) And now with the arrival of our Studio Cast RADcording and the publishing of the script and score, we fondly look back at how this baby grew up (often singing “Sunrise Sunset” to ourselves as that ...
12 New Shakespeare Superstitions

Theater superstitions have us believe that it is bad luck to say
"Macbeth" in a theater. Instead, we’re forced to call Macbeth “The Scottish Play.” This is all well and good, but what if superstitions develop around Shakespeare’s other plays? We don’t have alternate names for these works…  Until now!



1. The Tempest

The Windy and Rainy Play

2. The Comedy of Errors

The #Fail Play

3. Hamlet

The Longest Play

4. Much ...

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