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I really appreciate Playscripts and their work toward creating better theater and theater experiences for all. Jay Muldoon Theater Teacher, Fairfield, OH
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Playwright to Playwright: Sheila Callaghan Interviews Tommy Smith

Sheila Callaghan asks Tommy Smith 13(ish) questions.

[WARNING: Adult language and content.]

1. Can you talk about the moment you seriously decided to stop writing plays forever, and then the moment you seriously decided to start again?

I stopped writing plays after I saw Tim Crouch's The Author in Scotland. This was in summer 2010, right after I had won the PONY fellowship. I walked out of the performance. I was disgusted—the play basically outs the impulse to watch violence, lays waste to our refined sensibility when it ...
Deconstructing Justice: Murder in the First
To what extent can people who have gone through severe psychological trauma truly be held accountable for their actions? To what extent is justice truly served in the federal justice system? These questions, along with the more generalized themes of hypocrisy and brutality, are explored in Dan Gordon's play Murder in the First. Already having written the respective literary and film versions of Murder in the First, Gordon discusses what transforming this story into a theatrical work has meant to him, its deeper themes and why he loves writing for the stage:

Want to Live Forever? There’s an App for That
What if you could outwit death by preserving your mind and memories in a way which would allow you to "live" via an advanced computer screen after your physical body perishes? Would this really "be you"--would you be alive? Two Point Oh is a compelling, thought-provoking play that delves into this very issue. The play's author, Jeffrey Jackson, reflects on his work, the deeper questions it explores and why technology becoming increasingly prominent in our lives may not be so scary or dehumanizing after all:

The premise of Two Point Oh is fascinating. ...
Robert Schenkkan on Writing and the Wonderful World of Theatre

Whether it is exploring American mythology in his Pulitzer Prize-winning play The Kentucky Cycle , or turning Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston into President Lyndon B. Johnson for his current, Tony award winning Broadway production All the Way, playwright Robert Schenkkan is a notable fixture in the theatrical world. Here, Schenkkan discusses By the Waters of Babylon, his latest work to be published here at Playscripts, Inc., as well as his personal writing routine, favorite writers, and why he is proud to call himself a theater geek.
Why ...
Madeleine George Asks Taylor Mac 13 Questions

We charged Madeleine George with asking Taylor Mac 5 questions for a blog post.  Madeleine couldn't narrow it down to 5 questions and neither could we.

MG: What's a book that's had a surprising impact on your theater making?

TM: The Fabulous Lunts. It's a biography about Lynne Fontaine and Alfred Lunt and above all other theater books it's inspired me to look at my art as a process rather than a race to the finish. I love the mythology of the Lunts because they were pre-Group Theater, so weren't caught up in the method trend but also lived and ...
Theater for Young Audiences
Children’s Theater is just as absorbing as theater intended for adults. If you’ve never seen a TYA play (Theater for Young Audiences), then I challenge you to do so. Don’t worry, they allow grown-ups to attend children's theater even when not accompanied by a child.

Before you buy your ticket, though, you’ll want to ask one question: “Is this show For or By?” Meaning, is it for children or by children. TYA can go either way.

Don’t ask this question to determine if you’ll want to see the show or not, but instead so you’ll know ...

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