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I really appreciate Playscripts and their work toward creating better theater and theater experiences for all. Jay Muldoon Theater Teacher, Fairfield, OH
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Tech for Theater Makers: Tixato
For the second installment of Tech for Theater Makers we chatted with Christopher Ashworth founder of Tixato, an online ticketing system built with theater makers in mind.  (He also gave us a sneak peek at new features and enhancements coming soon.  Screen shots below!)

What is Tixato?

Tixato is a fast, friendly way to run your box office and sell tickets.

For patrons, Tixato is the easiest and most pleasant way to buy a ticket to see a show. There are no surprise fees, and the checkout process is quick and painless. Tixato doesn't make ...
Why it Takes So Long
When I was in my formative college years, Margaret Edson won the Pulitzer Prize for Wit. There were a lot of unusual things about this. One, she wasn’t a professional playwright. She was a schoolteacher who went back to teaching school after winning the award. I remember watching a television interview with her where she said she had one story to tell, she told it, and then she wanted to do something else. Wow.

What was most striking and unusual to me was how long it took her to get the play produced. Wikipedia doesn’t back me up on this, but I remember her ...
Mark Rigney on Understanding the Considerations of Directors & Producers
Most beginning writers get told to write whatever they like, in whatever way they like.  It’s a very popular idea, to just follow your muse wherever it may go.  Creativity über alles, or something like that.

Well.  Much as I hate to rain on any given parade, advice of that sort strikes me as wrong-headed and useless.  If you’re writing for the stage, you need to understand the considerations of directors and producers.  They, plus audiences, make up the market for your work.  Sure, you could thumb your nose and choose to write in a total ...
Free and Almost Free Ways to Promote Your Production
When you’re busy producing a play the last thing you want to think about is filling seats. Whether you’re staging and elaborate Broadway musical or a bare bones middle school production, developing an audience should be a top priority.

Marketing your production begins before you start rehearsals. Online fundraising has become a way to build excitement and cultivate fans.  Kickstarter is a relatively simple way to raise funds and build awareness. Kickstarter allows you to create traditional and not-so-traditional donor awards based on pledge level. Awards don’t need to ...
Ready to Implode: 13P’s Final Season
In 2003, an ambitious group of 13 young playwrights began a grand experiment. Weary of readings and developmental workshops that doomed new plays to a short and unfulfilling life below the radar of the theater world at large, they banded together to form a collective that actually makes plays happen. And so 13P was born. Their motto says it all: "We don't develop plays. We do them."

13P consists of playwrights Sheila Callaghan, Erin Courtney, Madeleine George, Rob Handel, Ann Marie Healy, Julia Jarcho, Young Jean Lee, Winter Miller, Sarah Ruhl, Kate E. Ryan, Lucy Thurber, Anne ...

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