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Playscripts Receives Top Spots in 2020 EdTA Play Survey
By Nik Sorocenski

EdTA’s annual survey of the plays and musicals most frequently produced in America’s middle and high schools has been announced for the 2019/2020 school year.

Playscripts is proud to have 7 of our titles featured on these lists, including the top spot in both Full Length and Short Plays categories. CHECK PLEASE by Jonathan Rand returns for another year as the number 1 Short Play, and for the first time in over half a decade, the #1 spot has been dethroned by Broadway Licensing's version of Clue!

Other favorites from ...
9 Playwrights on the Theatre That Excites Them
Over the years, we’ve had the chance to speak with numerous writers about their craft. One question we love to ask playwrights is what type of theatre excites them--after years of being so closely involved in theatre, what work feels fresh and inspiring to them. Here are there answers.

Theatre that is urgent and bold. Theatre that doesn’t recycle tired tropes. Theatre that feels like a shared secret. Theatre that is muscular, aggressive, that dares to reinvent structure to fit the story. I love story. I love being asked to encounter it in new and surprising ...
Chiara Atik Reflects on HBO’s “Girls” and Her Play “Women” Four Years Later
HBO's Girls returns this month for its sixth and final season. We spoke with playwright Chiara Atik about her 2013 mashup play Women, the ongoing legacy of the landmark series, and writing.

What inspired you to explore the parallels between Girls and Little Women? How was your play, Women, born?

I think mostly the enduring “four women” archetype: we saw it in Little Women, we saw it in Sex and the City, and then again in Girls. And it’s a model that ...
6 Questions with Marshall Pailet
Playwright Marshall Palliet has two new plays out: the comedic cautionary tales Everyone Gets Eaten by Sharks and Everyone Gets Abducted by Aliens. We spoke with the playwright about the inspiration behind the plays, his advice for aspiring playwrights, and his deepest, darkest fears (hint: it's sharks).

What was the inspiration behind Everyone Gets Eaten by Sharks / Everyone Gets Abducted by Aliens?

I grew up on movies like Jaws, ET, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, so I’ve been obsessed with ...
We talk theatre education and puns with playwright Jim Peterson
Jim Peterson’s new play, The Importance of Being Ellie, is a teen-centric take on The Importance of Being Earnest with a Shakespearean twist. We talk with the playwright about the inspiration behind the play, the legacy of Oscar Wilde, the benefits of a theatre education, and puns.

What was the inspiration behind this The Importance of Being Ellie?

I have always been fan of Oscar Wilde, particularly The Importance of Being Earnest. Every once in a while, I’ll use it as a text to study acting in my high school ...
Why Age-Appropriate Roles for Teens Are Important, and How to Write Them
In this guest blog post, playwright Jonathan Dorf discusses the importance of creating more opportunities for teens to play characters in which they can see (and find) themselves.

We’ve all seen it: a 17-year-old with a fake beard, hair sprayed gray, affecting a voice and some strange stoop or waddle walk. Or just completely ignoring it and playing a 50-year-old as if there’s no difference whatsoever. I get it. There are lots of great plays out there, plays that are important for young actors (and anyone else with an interest in theatre) to know. Whether that’s ...
We Talk with Kirsten Greenidge about BALTIMORE, Her Black Lives Matter-Inspired Play
In Kirsten Greenidge's new play Baltimore, a racially-charged incident divides students on a college campus, and reluctant resident advisor Shelby must decide if she will enter the fray. We spoke with the playwright about the inspiration behind the play, the Big Ten Theatre Consortium, and her advice for aspiring writers.

What was the inspiration behind Baltimore? Why this play now?

When Alan MacVey, the Chair of the Theatre Department at the University of Iowa, approached me about the Big Ten commission, we talked about what the ...
6 Questions with Lia Romeo
Lia Romeo’s new play, Connected, is a funny, heartbreakingly real look at love and friendship in the age of social media. We spoke with the playwright about the inspiration behind the play, writing, and the importance of a good day job.

What was the inspiration behind Connected?

Connected was commissioned by HotCity Theatre in St. Louis, and they wanted a play that dealt with social media and technology in some way. So the subject matter was inspired by the commission itself, and when I first heard what the theater wanted, ...
6 Questions with Playwright Mark Dunn
Mark Dunn's new play Happily Ever After: A Wedding Comedy is a family-friendly farce with a Texas twang and plot twists aplenty in the tradition of classic Kaufman and Hart. We spoke with the playwright about the inspiration behind the play, his advocacy for new work, and the literary charm of the South.

What was the inspiration behind Happily Ever After: A Wedding Comedy?

I’ve been writing for the amateur theater market for over thirty years and tend to tailor my work toward the needs and interests of community theaters, ...
Don Zolidis on the Top 10 Essentials of Teaching Playwriting
So you want to teach playwriting, but where to start? In this guest blog post, playwright and former high school teacher Don Zolidis shares his advice on teaching playwriting to teenagers.

A lot of teachers I meet are a bit cautious when teaching playwriting. Most theater teachers learned about acting and directing in college, and very few of them really dove into the specifics of playwriting. The good news, however, is that playwriting is basically just acting on the page. If you can act, you can write. The great difference of course, is that when you’re writing ...
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