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I really appreciate Playscripts and their work toward creating better theater and theater experiences for all. Jay Muldoon Theater Teacher, Fairfield, OH
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Production Spotlight: Abby Rowold on SHEatre’s Inauguration Day Reading of Lauren Gunderson’s “The Taming”
Theater companies all around the country are taking playwright Lauren Gunderson up on her offer to stage a reading of her play, The Taming, for free on Inauguration Day. We asked Artistic Director Abby Rowold to talk with us about her experience putting together a reading of The Taming at SHEatre Theatre in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What does your company have planned for Inauguration Day?

SHEatre has a hyooge (huge) celebration planned! We have food donated from local businesses, signature drinks, art by local female art students, the reading ...
Stage a reading of Lauren Gunderson’s THE TAMING on Inauguration Day for free
A message and special Inauguration Day offer from playwright Lauren Gunderson.

With the sea change in America already swirling I thought “Write, girl! Write!” But then I thought “I think you already wrote about this. And Playscripts already published it. And it’s called The Taming.” In 2013 I wrote The Taming, an all-female political farce for Crowded Fire Theatre to unpack the deep frustration of a divided and obstructionist patriarchy, to laugh with the painful truth about extremism on both sides, to toy with our country’s history and ...
5 Questions for Lauren Gunderson
Give us your best elevator pitch for Toil and Trouble.

If we were in an actual elevator I would probably be on my phone pretending to text an urgent/life-saving text so that I wouldn't have to pitch you my play. But let's say I'm texting you my pitch for Toil And Trouble.  It would go like this:

"T&T is funny, bloody, hipster mayhem for 3. It drags Shakes's McB into a farce where war = baseball, witches = fortune cookies, and Scottish = Scottish-ish. It's def something wicked this way coming. "

But that would be a ...

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