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We talk playwriting and the Kilroys with Jen Silverman, author of “Phoebe in Winter”
Part of The Downtown Anthology, Phoebe in Winter is a dark, unsettling fable about the aftermath of war. We talk with playwright Jen Silverman about her inspiration for writing the play, the double lives of characters, and the Kilroys.

What was your inspiration for writing Phoebe in Winter?

I was particularly interested in the question of what gets brought home. We live now in a world of collapsed distances. Nothing is ever really “out there” anymore. Whatever we do, wherever we do it, it comes home to roost. At the time I wrote ...
Introducing “The Downtown Anthology”

Featuring six new plays from New York's downtown theaters, The Downtown Anthology offers a rich selection of works from New York's most daring and innovative contemporary playwrights. In this blog post, editors Erin Salvi and Morgan Gould share the inspiration behind the collection.

When we began conceiving of The Downtown Anthology, we felt there was a lot of significant work that wasn’t being circulated to anyone outside of a small segment of New Yorkers—those few people who have the opportunity and the means to frequent theaters ...

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