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6 Questions with Lia Romeo
Lia Romeo’s new play, Connected, is a funny, heartbreakingly real look at love and friendship in the age of social media. We spoke with the playwright about the inspiration behind the play, writing, and the importance of a good day job.

What was the inspiration behind Connected?

Connected was commissioned by HotCity Theatre in St. Louis, and they wanted a play that dealt with social media and technology in some way. So the subject matter was inspired by the commission itself, and when I first heard what the theater wanted, ...
Henry’s Law, a play about bullying
There can be no denying that our current culture is dominated by an abundance of information available to us online, as well as the ability to be in nearly constant contact with others through various social media outlets. But is that always a good thing? Well, not when a misguided post online can damage a person and potentially lead to drastic consequences. In her recent play entitled Henry's Law, playwright Stacie Lents explores this deeply prevalent issue of cyberbullying. Here, Ms. Lents discusses why this issue matters, how it can potentially be better addressed and the pros ...
Merging Stage and Screen Made Easy

Rock 'n' roll, I Love Lucy, and James Dean are just a few of the most iconic aspects of the '50s. But wise-cracking 12-year-old Rudy Pazinski who often finds himself questioning traditional family values and the Roman Catholic Church? Yes, it looks like there is room for him, too. Well, at least in the world of  playwright Tom Dudzick's semi-autobiographical series  Over the Tavern. And now in Over the Tavern: The TV Show, Dudzick revisits his favorite family in two one-act plays.

Were you involved with theatre as a ...

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