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I really appreciate Playscripts and their work toward creating better theater and theater experiences for all. Jay Muldoon Theater Teacher, Fairfield, OH
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More Conversation, Less Controversy: Plays for Teens and Their Communities
If you teach drama, you have a unique perspective on the issues teens face, and the opportunity to use theatre as a tool to talk about them. But when part of a school community, it isn’t always the easiest for everyone to agree on what level of content teenagers are ready to handle. It’s often a grey area when it comes to appropriate language and exploration of mature themes with any group. It’s the perennial struggle: How do you start tough conversations without swear words stealing the spotlight from the thematic content and relevance?

So what titles does one turn to ...
Don Zolidis on the Top 10 Essentials of Teaching Playwriting
So you want to teach playwriting, but where to start? In this guest blog post, playwright and former high school teacher Don Zolidis shares his advice on teaching playwriting to teenagers.

A lot of teachers I meet are a bit cautious when teaching playwriting. Most theater teachers learned about acting and directing in college, and very few of them really dove into the specifics of playwriting. The good news, however, is that playwriting is basically just acting on the page. If you can act, you can write. The great difference of course, is that when you’re writing ...
Advice for Playwrights: 10 Expert Tips for Marketing Your School Plays from Don Zolidis
This article originally appeared on on May 13, 2015, and has been reposted with permission.

Today’s guest poster, Don Zolidis, has taught both middle school and high school, and is a former playwriting professor. Currently living in Texas with his wife and two children and working on a musical, Zolidis is originally from Wisconsin, and received his B.A. in English from Minnesota’s Carleton College and an MFA in Playwriting from the Actor’s Studio Program at the New School. His work has received numerous honors, including the Princess Grace ...
Playscripts, Inc. Catalog of New Plays & Musical

We are proud to publish our second annual digital Catalog of New Plays & Musicals.  While our Find a Play feature is the  fastest and easiest way to search for plays, we understand that flipping the pages of a catalog is often a ritual beginning your theater season.

This year's catalog features a wide selection of new plays for theater-makers at any level.  Jonathan Rand, Don Zolidis, Tom Dudzick, and Taylor Mac are just a few of the featured authors.

If you'd like to print a PDF version of the catalog click here.  If you have questions or ...
Fear and Loathing

Fear leads to Hate.
Hate leads to Anger.
Anger leads to Writing Plays.

At first I wasn’t going to write about zombies. Zombies always seemed a bit, well, mindless, and I usually pride myself on writing intelligent comedy. (Usually.) And I had already tackled something like zombies in The Craving (which I will discuss later). So when a teacher wrote on my facebook page “If you wrote a comedy about the zombie apocalypse I would die of happiness,” I was inclined to let her continue her life and chalk up the fact ...
Why I write for teenagers: A manifesto/rant by Don Zolidis
In the days when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, a play could be performed on Broadway and then make its way to the high schools of the world pretty quickly. And it would stay on that list forever. Think You Can’t Take it With You or The Crucible or Noises Off. Broadway used to do plays with large casts that everyone could enjoy.

Glancing at the current roster of Broadway shows, you get some idea of the challenge facing high school directors. There’s nothing there you could do in high school. Are you going to do a play with four characters in it? For ...
Sending it Out
When I was starting out, I spent a lot of time at the post office. It made me feel pretty good. I’d go through my dog-eared copy of  Dramatists Sourcebook, searching for theatres to send my plays to. I carefully wrote out my query letters, printed my ten page samples, polished my resume, and then it was off to the post office to send out the carefully pressed envelopes of hope.

I had a policy that kept me going: “Make sure that there’s never a day when something amazing couldn’t arrive in the mail.” I spent a lot of days staring at the mailbox, hoping to ...
Why it Takes So Long
When I was in my formative college years, Margaret Edson won the Pulitzer Prize for Wit. There were a lot of unusual things about this. One, she wasn’t a professional playwright. She was a schoolteacher who went back to teaching school after winning the award. I remember watching a television interview with her where she said she had one story to tell, she told it, and then she wanted to do something else. Wow.

What was most striking and unusual to me was how long it took her to get the play produced. Wikipedia doesn’t back me up on this, but I remember her ...
How Being a Competitive Jerk has Been Very Good for Me
A few decades ago, theatre educators in Texas looked around and said, “Why isn’t theatre more like football?” And thus, the one-act play competition was born. (I may be oversimplifying here.)  Many states have followed Texas’ lead and developed one-act tournaments of their own, but the Texas competition remains the granddaddy of them all. Each spring, hundreds of schools from around the state compete in a bloodthirsty tournament of death, in which losers go home crying and winners advance in six rounds of competition that last months. If you keep advancing, you get lots of time ...
Opening Night
I’ve worn a lot of theatrical hats over the years: actor, director, playwright, assistant to the assistant stage manager (I just wanted to go to the cast party), and one disastrous turn as prop designer.  (Side note: I saw that car crash coming from miles away.  Why didn’t anyone stop me from trying to build a phone instead of buying a phone?)  But one thing stays the same: opening night is always a nerve-wracking, stomach-churning joy.
I say joy because I’ve been pretty lucky over the years.  I’ve been involved in nearly a hundred opening nights now, and I don’t think ...
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