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I really appreciate Playscripts and their work toward creating better theater and theater experiences for all. Jay Muldoon Theater Teacher, Fairfield, OH
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Playwrights on Process
How does a writer, well, write? Having an idea is relatively easy, but putting pen to paper and seeing an idea through is a different story, and the whole process of writing itself can seem daunting, even mysterious. In this blog post, we pull back the curtain on process, as 9 playwrights share what their creative process is like—how often they like to write, where they like to write, how they find their inspiration.
I write in spurts. When I’m in a spurt I’m writing most every day, ideally a chunk in the morning and then another chunk later though I ...
We talk boredom and creativity with playwright William Missouri Downs
William Missouri Downs has just released three new plays: Women Playing Hamlet, Mr. Perfect, and Mad Gravity. We chat with the playwright about great theater characters, the nature of creativity, and living in Wyoming.

Briefly, what was the inspiration behind Women Playing HamletMr. Perfect, and Mad Gravity?

I’m drawn to unique stories that say something about the human condition. A woman cast as Hamlet (Women Playing Hamlet), a flight attendant looking for life, love and god (Mr. ...

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