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I really appreciate Playscripts and their work toward creating better theater and theater experiences for all. Jay Muldoon Theater Teacher, Fairfield, OH
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10 Reasons Why Theater Is Better Than Sports
Here at Playscripts, we love theater. But you already knew that. What you may not have known is that we love sports too. You’re probably thinking, “Sports?! Theater is way better than sports!” Well… You’d be right. Sports are great but they don’t stand a chance when they go up against theater. Here are the ten definitive reasons why:

1. Better costumes
Why dress like a hockey player when you could be dressed like a king?
2. Fewer bats
(Unless you’re performing Dracula.)
3. Better songs
Not just “The ...
An Actor’s New Year’s Resolutions
The new year is the perfect time to take stock of your life and set some goals for the future. If you're an actor, you're always working on your craft, and you're probably looking for some areas to focus on this year. You're in luck, because here's your list of ten New Year's resolutions (but there're three you should probably skip):

1. Warm up before rehearsal
2. Be early to all calls
3. Get off book ASAP
4. Drill blocking
5. Take notes graciously
6. Learn from your fellow actors
7. Watch others rehearse
8. Listen to ...
Acting Tips for Narcissists
Why do I act? Because I want attention. I don’t care if it’s positive or negative. All I want is eyes on me. Do you want to be a “star”? If you answered yes: read on! (If you answered no: please keep reading, I need you to notice me!)

Tip #1: Acing the Audition

Before you can be in the play, you’re gonna need to prove to the director that you should be in the play. Your chance to do this is at the audition. What I do is I treat the audition like it’s a show and you should too. When you walk into the room throw your script into the nearest ...
14 Signs You Might Be an Actor in a Play
1. You’re wearing clothes that aren't yours.

"Hmmm. I don't usually dress like a pirate..."

2. A room full of strangers are watching you and you're ignoring them.

"I don't remember these people being around while I was eating breakfast."

3. You're being called by a name that isn't yours.

"Why do you keep calling me Juliet? My name is Sarah!"

4. Every time the lights go out, more time passes than you expected.

"That definitely didn't feel like a whole day."

5. ...
Happily Ever After, for Every Kind of Audience
Flipping through the TV channels or on a trip to the movies, you might notice that fairy tales are everywhere this fall. ABC and NBC are in on the action with Once Upon a Time and the darker Grimm, and last year’s Red Riding Hood was just the start of a slew of fairy tale films being produced for teenage audiences. Just outside our office here at Playscripts, Inc., a shiny two-story billboard has gone up, advertising Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman--we can’t seem to get away! But then again, why would we want to? Fairy tales endure for a ...
Texas’ U.I.L One-Act Play Contest
For the uninitiated, here are the basics of Texas' public high school one-act play contests, as administered by the University Interscholastic League. According to the U.I.L.'s website, "The League's One-Act Play Contest, founded in 1927, is the largest high school play production contest or play festival in the world. More than 14,000 Texas high school students in more than 1,000 plays participate in 300 plus contests, which take place from the beginning of March through the three-day, 40-production State Meet One-Act Play Contest in May."

The U.I.L. was created by The ...
On the Importance of Desperation

Just over a month ago, I received a phone call from a prominent Artistic Director at a major regional theatre. (As you can imagine, this is something like getting a phone call from Santa Claus.) It went something like this:

PROMINENT ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: What are you working on right now?

ME: Oh lots of things. Lots and lots of things. So many things it would blow your mind.

PROMINENT ARTISTIC DIRETOR: Can you send me a copy of a new play?

ME: Um… Yeah, just give me three or four weeks.

Full-Length Plays For Student Actors
After nearly a decade’s steady diet of university theater productions in which at least one actor if not dozens required aging via makeup and mounds of gray hairspray, I got it into my head to write a play where no such tricks were required––where young actors could play people their own age.  The result was Acts of God (now published by Playscripts, Inc.), in which a dozen high schoolers cope with the emotional detritus of an F-3 tornado strike.

My dislike of forcing young actors to “play age” has not diminished.  Since the advent of Acts, I have ...
Stupid Things I Have Done: 4 Things Not To Do When Directing a Play
I think it’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I’ve done a lot of stupid things over the years. I’m going to limit this to my experiences as a director of my own work, though, to narrow it down.
To start with, I’ll admit that I’m not a great director. I’m decent enough at getting good performances out of actors, but I made a lot of mistakes in my first years. Here’s a few of them.
1. Use plastic chairs to stand in for your set. At the middle school, I didn’t have a shop. I didn’t even have a hint of a shop. There was no wood. So, if I ...
At some point in college, I realized a truth about myself. As much as I enjoyed acting on stage, I wasn’t going to be Al Pacino or even Rob Schneider. It was around this time I was taking a playwriting class and that’s where I really found myself. I continued to perform when the opportunity came up (I got the roles a part-time actor would get like a mute character wrapped in bandages and beat upon during the entire course of the play, seriously), but it was always secondary to my writing.

When asked to write about monologues, my first thought is that I am not on the active ...

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