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AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Laura Lundgren Smith

By: Nik Sorocenski
A playwright since 1999, Laura Lundgren Smith's plays have had over 200 award-winning productions all around the world. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Theatre and English and a Master of Arts in Theatre from Texas A&M University at Commerce. She was awarded an Arts Council of Ireland Commissions Grant in 2004 for playwriting. In 2007, her play Seamless was chosen by Dallas' Kitchen Dog Theatre to be part of their renowned New Works Festival. In 2011, she won the Stage West Texas Playwriting Competition. Her work has been published ...
AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: John Leverett & Whitney Teubner

By: Nik Sorocenski
We're wrapping up 2018 with an interview of the playwriting team behind How to Ruin a Promposal. Learn more about John & Whitney...
Playscripts: Tell us about how each of your writing journeys began.

John Leverett: I fell in love with stories and writing in my creative writing classes in sixth grade. Letting my imagination run wild and creating a cast of characters in faraway places was always fun for me. I also loved comedies and musicals, so I absorbed all that I could. These passions led me to working and ...

By: Nik Soroenski
We sat down with Playwright Kat Funkhouser, author of “Double, Double” and co-author of “Unbreakable Timmy Cratchit”.
Playscripts: Tell us how you first got into playwriting!
Kat Funkhouser: I believe my first attempt at playwriting was an elementary school masterpiece called “Superman at the Dry Cleaners” which was exactly what it sounds like. (Yes, DC Comics, I am available.) I was always really into theatre and writing as separate pursuits as a kid, then when I was a teenager I found a way to merge the two things that I ...
By: Nik Sorocenski
Playscripts sat down with successful playwright Ginna Hoben, author of "12 Days of Christmas" Learn more about Ginna below...
Playscripts: Tell us how your writing journey began.
Ginna Hoben: My writing grew out of my acting. I got a BFA in Acting as an undergraduate at Wright State University in Ohio and then later, got my MFA in Acting from Penn State. (I joke that I have the most redundant education possible.) There were plenty of differences in the programs, but each happen to assign a very similar final thesis project: the performance ...
AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Bryan Harnetiaux

By: Nik Sorocenski





Playscripts met up with award-winning playwright Bryan Harnetiaux, author of "NATIONAL PASTIME." Learn more about Bryan...


Tell us how you first decided you wanted to write.

Probably had playwright yearnings as a kid, but no idea what to do with them.  My earliest works were hammy after-supper skits for the family.  This need to write remained dormant – except for on again, off again stabs at poetry ...
Author Spotlight: Catherine Filloux

Playscripts met up with award-winning playwright Catherine Filloux, author of “Selma '65” and “Eyes of the Heart”.
By: Nik Sorocenski
Playscripts: What inspired you to begin writing? Did you always know you wanted to be a playwright?

Catherine Filloux: I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by great people, who inspired me as a playwright.  I was an actress in high school, and my playwriting and librettist career has been informed by my collaborations.  Here I am with colleagues in Cambodia, where new student plays came to life ...
Author Spotlight: Quincy Long, Author of “Daughters of Io”

We took the time to reach out to Quincy Long, author of "Daughters of Io" and "The Virgin Molly".
Playscripts: Where did your writing career begin?

Quincy Long: It began in college. One of my professors played a recording of T.S. Eliot's The Cocktail Party, and, though I didn't know it at the time, I was gone, hooked, rendered permanently under the influence. I ended up majoring in theatre, and after college started an Equity dinner theatre with some friends in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. We called ourselves the Thoreau Theatre Ensemble, performed the classics ...
An Interview with Jonathan Dorf, Author of 4 A.M.

We caught up with Playscripts author, Jonathan Dorf, at Florida Thespians! Learn about Jonathan's path to becoming a writer, about his work, and what aspiring writers can take away from his success.
Q1: Tell us about your writing career- what inspired you to begin writing?

As a kid, I read a lot. And by a lot, I mean, for example, that we'd be on a cross-country trip and have to stop at a bookstore because I had already read everything we'd brought. My dad was a librarian, and my mom was very active in journalism in college (though she ended up becoming a social ...
Interview with Emmett Loverde, Author of “Good Business Sense”

We took the time to interview Emmett Loverde, author of Good Business Sense, A Timely Manuever, and The Maginot Line. Get to know Emmett below!


Playscripts: Tell us about your writing career- what inspired you to begin writing?

Emmett Loverde: I have been writing drama since I learned how to read. My siblings laugh about how I used to make up Peanuts skits that mostly consisted of, "Hi Charlie Brown." "Oh good grief." Any time there was a chance to put on a show, there I was.

I also learned very quickly, however, ...
6 Questions with Taryn Temple author of The Princess Capers

We sat down with author Taryn Temple to discuss her hit comedy The Princess Capers and what it takes to be an established playwright.

Playscripts: What was the inspiration behind The Princess Capers?

Taryn Temple: The basic premise of putting famous princesses in the same room and wondering what would happen came from a writing assignment in a class for my master’s degree. Once I had the princesses sitting down to tea together their conversation quickly turned to how boring everything was now that they had “settled down” ...
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