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10 One-Act Plays to Get Excited About!

Playscripts is the home for some of the most-produced One-Act Plays in the United States, including Check, Please and 10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse! [1]

Now, check out some of the newest titles added to our catalogue that are hot on the High School and Middle School markets!


TheOneActPlayDisaster_825x8251. The One-Act Play Disaster by Don Zolidis

25-35 Minutes
5f, 5m, 5 either

When a group of student actors tries to put on an unauthorized
adaptation of a popular heist movie, everything that can go wrong,
will go wrong. From the vengeful light board operator to the confused
understudy, this play is bound to be a hilarious disaster.




2. Lafayette No. 1 by Mandy Conner

35-45 Minutes
8f, 7m

When the yellow fever epidemic entangles Lizzie’s fate with the
forgotten orphans of New Orleans, all must band together to
hold the city accountable for its most vulnerable citizens in this
haunting historical drama



Declaration-Logo_825x8253. Declaration by Jonathan Dorf

35-50 Minutes
6f, 6m, 10 any

Before, during, and after a mass shooting, a group of students piece together what is happening and why.
In a series of connected scenes and monologues, students turn to each other, reach out to loved ones,
and imagine the futures that they hope they’ll live to see.



4. How to Overthrow Your Student Government by Ian McWethy

25-35 Minutes
2f, 2m, 6 any

A power hungry teen gets a little help from Julius Caesar to
stage a coup of student council and become a dictator (in a way
that might look pretty familiar if you’re watching the news.)




5. House of Bernarda Alba by Nelly E. Cuellar-Garcia

25-35 Minutes

Bernarda Alba and her daughters search for a foothold in the
shifting world, but will they turn against each other in their
struggle? A chorus of women speak prophecy with a flourish of
fans and castanets in this taut and lyrical adaptation of Lorca’s
classic play.



ACompanyOfPlayers_825x8256. A Company of Players by Ed Monk

25-35 Minutes
3f, 6m, 2 any

The struggling theatre company performing Prince Hamlet’s play
bickers about everything from who gets what part to the correct
way to pour prop poison in somebody’s ear. At the end of the day,
the show must go on … but what goes on might be a total mess!



digginguptheboys_BPS7. Digging Up the Boys by Laura Lundgren Smith

40-45 Minutes
3f, 4m, 1 any

The mine where Floyd, Paul, and Jack work is old, nearly picked clean and about to be closed, when part of it collapses, trapping them. Those above and below are left to whistle in the dark, desperate for a miracle — but the mine holds a terrible secret that will change their lives forever.



TheHallmarksOfHorror_825x8258. The Hallmarks of Horror by Peter Bloedel

24-35 Minutes
6f, 6m, 6 any

Take a whirlwind tour through every horror movie trope from
cobwebs to clowns, and you’ll be ready when all the formulas
of the frightful converge in a single hilarious finale scene…
if you dare.



oz_BPS9. Oz by Don Zolidis

40-50 Minutes
4f, 4m, 4 any

Reeling from her sister’s death, Beth finds herself journeying
through a world that’s like
The Wizard of Oz
gone awry. But what
role will Beth play on the yellow brick road? A hilarious and heart-
wrenching exploration of grief.


ShowdownAtPalmTreePines_825x82510. Showdown at Palm Tree Pines by Tess Barker

25-35 Minutes
6f, 5m, 4 any

Flo and Donny rule their retirement community’s Home Owners’
Association with an iron fist – until their freewheeling new
neighbors Mitzi and Jerry arrive. Every aerobics class and bingo
game becomes a battleground for pranks – but what happens
when they all have to work together? A warm and winning comedy.







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