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Blog Roundup: The Theatre Articles & News You May Have Missed in February

tapBehind on your theatre news? We got you. In this monthly feature, we share our favorite theatre articles and news from around the web that you may have missed this month.

Theatre Dreams: Imagining a Better, More Inclusive Theatre
As Black History Month drew to a close, Idris Goodwin reflected on the lessons to carry over, sharing his vision for a better, more inclusive theatre for all.

9 Theatre Superstitions Explained
We learned the origin of all the crazy rituals we do as theatre people.

Once the Place for a Paycheck, TV Is Now Where Playwrights Make Great Art
Slate looked at how playwrights have helped usher in a new golden age of TV.

The Best Theatre Colleges in Every State for 2017
OnStage Blog released their annual survey of the best theatre programs in each state.

7 Educators on Why They Decided to Teach Theatre
From the longtime theater geeks, to those inspired by a teacher of their own, to those who stumbled into it, 7 educators explained why they started teaching theatre.

Taylor Mac Wins Kennedy Prize for Drama Inspired by American History
Playwright Taylor Mac won the Kennedy Prize, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

John Cleese: how to write the perfect farce
John Cleese gave us a lesson in playwriting.

Alas, poor Yorick! The shocking life of theatre’s greatest skull
We learned the history behind the Hamlet skull.

Free Read Corner
We gave you a brand new batch of plays to read, totally free!

Did You Know Mark Twain Has Theatrical Roots?
Playbill explored Mark Twain’s theatrical roots (with shout-out to Is He Dead?)

Another Hundred People – An Ode to the Ensemble
For anyone whose ever played Guard #3.

15 Times Broadway Stars Showed Up on SVU
Broadway actors + Law & Order = Never ending magic.

Should the Theater Be A Safe Space?
Backstage contemplated whether theater should function as a safe space.

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