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Blog Roundup: The Theatre Articles & News You May Have Missed in October

Behind on your theatre news? You’ve found the right place! In this monthly feature, we share our favorite theatre articles and news from around the web that you may have missed this month.

tapThe new claim that Shakespeare collaborated with Marlowe is more complicated than it looks
The editors of The New Oxford Shakespeare announced that they’ll be listing Christopher Marlowe as the co-author on several Shakespeare titles. Here’s how to make sense of the news.

PBS’ Hamilton’s America
PBS’ documentary about Hamilton premiered this month. If you haven’t already seen it (BUT WHY???), you can stream it through November 18th.

Why Age-Appropriate Roles for Teens Are Important, and How to Write Them
Playwright Jonathan Dorf discussed the importance of creating more opportunities for teens to play characters in which they can see (and find) themselves.

Scandals and Secrets of the Supernatural: The Stories Behind Broadway’s Haunted Theatres
Halloween may be over but, these ghosts are here to stay!

What Theatre Might Learn From Netflix
American Theatre pondered how theatre could upgrade its subscription model.

We Talk with Kirsten Greenidge about BALTIMORE, Her Black Lives Matter-Inspired Play
We spoke with Kirsten Greenidge about the inspiration behind her new play Baltimore, the Big Ten Theatre Consortium, and her advice for aspiring writers.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and SNL Invite You to The Crucible Cast Party!
Lin-Manuel Miranda hosted SNL and reminded us why there ain’t no party like a cast party.

These theaters proved you don’t need to be a TYA-specific theatre to produce shows for kids and teens.

We published plays!
War of the Worlds: The Panic Broadcast adapted by Joe Landry, Dark Road by Laura Lundgren Smith, Drinking Habits 2 by Tom Smith, and Off the Main Road a newly-discovered play from WILLIAM INGE came out this month!

‘THE GREAT COMET OF 1812’ Producers Offer to Settle Dispute with Nonprofit Ars Nova
The dispute over credits that gripped the theatre world came to an end.

The Highs and Lows of Fox’s Rocky Horror Picture Show
A new made-for-TV musical premiered.

They Write Plays for a Living. But How’s Their Handwriting?
The New York Times analyzed playwrights’ handwriting.

Free Reads Corner
We gave you a brand new batch of 20 plays to read, totally free!

Revolution in Theatre, Evolution in Staff
HowlRound looked at what younger theatre staff members have to contribute.

50 Great Teachers
We celebrated Teacher Appreciate Day this month.

Want to be a Theatre Major? Some Things You Should Know
OnStage published this guide to becoming a theatre major.

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