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9 Theater Blogs You Should Be Following

As a publisher of new plays, we always try to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the theater world. In this post, we share our favorite blogs for everything theater related. Enjoy!

Playbill is one of the most recognizable names in the theater industry, and their website does not disappoint. Focused on the New York theater scene, their site has it all: from breaking theater news to theater jobs. Whether a theater fan or professional, this site is an invaluable resource.


HowlRound started four years ago as “as a place for artists to provide feedback, learning, expertise, frustration, and vision,” this site provides a bounty of fascinating think pieces and opinions covering both the larger trends of the theater world and those of smaller communities.


This is another community of theater artists engaging in thoughtful discussion on the current state (and future) of theater. This site asks for your involvement in the discussion and “is as much about making connections and networking with new people as it is sharing ideas.” They’re also very active on Twitter, using #2amt.

I Interview Playwrights

If you’re looking to read an interview with a playwright, this site should be your first stop. Playwright Adam Szymkowicz (7 Ways to Say I Love You) has interviewed 737 (and counting!) of his colleagues about their craft. This is a fantastic resource for those curious about the creative process behind the script.

I Interview A**holes

This site is a hilarious parody of “I Interview Playwrights” (even including interviews with many of the same playwrights). Do you think theater artists can be pretentious? Hey, so do the theater artists themselves!


An offshoot of Backstage Magazine, this site offers job listings and career advice for the working actor along with news and theater reviews. This site is a must, whether you’re a professional actor or a professional fan.

The Guardian – Theatre Blog

The terrific British newspaper, The Guardian, has a theater blog that shares a slice of experience from their British theater pie (obviously a meat pie). This site offers tons of excellent op-eds on the “theat-ah.”

The Chicago Tribune – The Theatre Loop

Two words: Chris Jones. Trust us.

Playscripts Blog

…But you probably already knew that, duh!



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