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I really appreciate Playscripts and their work toward creating better theater and theater experiences for all. Jay Muldoon Theater Teacher, Fairfield, OH
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Meet Davis Alianiello, Intern and Playscripts Playwright

Davis AlianielloSam Shepard said that “You can’t make a living as a playwright.” You can’t make a living as an intern either. So with interning, as with playwriting, there has to be another reason. I started my internship at Playscripts three weeks ago, but my reason for wanting to intern came five years ago. The critic George Jean Nathan wrote that “an actor without a playwright is like a hole without a donut.” Stretching that metaphor; a playwright without distribution is like a donut lying on the street. At seventeen, I was that donut. Under the direction of a great teacher, I’d written a play and we’d done it at my school and had a lot of fun—we decided to send it out to publishers and see if they thought other schools would want to do it too. Luckily, Playscripts bit.

This year, with college graduation looming and without much idea of where I wanted to go next, it made sense to spend my summer working here. It feels like giving back as much as moving forward, which is a good thing.

In hyper-accelerated, post-everything America it’s tough to talk about community (especially in a business setting) without sounding trite, but I think I’m not alone in saying that the sense of belonging to a community is what drew me to theater in the first place. Playscripts gave me the chance to make an impact on theaters like the one that helped me growing up. It’s been a humbling and grounding experience to interact with those communities, even though I’ll never set foot in most of them.

Strangely enough, the first thing I felt when I stepped into the Playscripts office this summer was nostalgia. Even though I’d never lived in New York or set foot in a publishing house before, something about working here immediately felt familiar. Over the past couple weeks I’ve realized that feeling came from a communal emphasis I learned from doing theater in school. There’s a commitment to the schools and theaters that work with Playscripts, but also to the Playscripts playwrights and employees—a commitment that seems cliché only because it is so rarely actually present. At any rate, I’m happy to be at 405 7th ave this summer.

–Davis Alianiello

Davis Alianiello was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. He wrote his first play, The Moustache, when he was 16. His plays have been performed at the high school and college level in ten states, Scotland, and Ireland. Mr. Alianiello has a B.A. in English and Theatre Directing from Muhlenberg College, and studied abroad at the University of Edinburgh.










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