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General Information
Wilder Wilder Everywhere Video Contest

As part of the ongoing celebration of the 75th anniversary of Our Town, and in recognition of Thornton Wilder’s position as one of the preeminent chroniclers of American life, Playscripts, Inc. and The Wilder Family LLC are proud to announce the Wilder Wilder Everywhere Video Contest.

The Basics

To enter, create a video that either faithfully dramatizes, or adapts one of Thornton Wilder’s playlets into a short film.  Wilder’s plays present a universal and timeless vision of American life; your videos are an opportunity to stage his work  in your America.  We’d love to see videos filmed in unexpected, intriguing or iconic settings all over America- from the top of Mount Rushmore to the bottom of your neighborhood swimming pool.  You can read all the playlets here.

During the submission period (January 14th-28th) you may upload your video to our Facebook event page here,  and encourage your friends and family to “like” your video on the page.

The Rules

  • Your video must use all the original characters from the selected playlet, but feel free to add characters.
  • Your video must contain at least 5 lines of dialogue (one line is defined as at least one sentence long) from the selected playlet. The lines of dialogue do not have to be consecutive.
  • Your video must between 90 seconds and 3 minutes.
  • The videos with the most “likes” will advance to the finals.
  • Please review the full contest rules here.

The Timeline

October 8, 2012 – The contest begins
January 14, 2013 – Submissions open and public voting begins at 12:00 AM EST.
January 28, 2013-  Submissions and public voting are closed at 12:00 PM EST. Finalists will be announced later that day.
February 8, 2012- The Winner is announced!

The Reward

We will be giving a $1000 cash prize to the creator(s) of the winning video!

*Persons under the age of 18 may appear in or collaborate on the video, however, videos featuring minors must be submitted by a person over the age of 18, and a video release form must be signed by the guardians of all minors appearing in the video.



Top Matches: