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I really appreciate Playscripts and their work toward creating better theater and theater experiences for all. Jay Muldoon Theater Teacher, Fairfield, OH
General Information
The #PitchNPlay Winners

It was a difficult decision, but our literary staff has chosen three winning pitches:

  • The real Puck messes with hearts of teens during high school prod of A Midsummer Nights Dream. @rkmallister
  • Young girl wins a TV singing competition, but to launch her career, her agent says she’ll need to create a tabloid scandal. @Theatreaneater 
  • Sweethearts take Course of True Love: zen of snoring, white lies, multitasking, accept shortcomings Profs=historical figures @KennerLeslie 

Next Steps:  The playwriting portion of the contest is now open!  It’s your chance to turn one of the three winning pitches into a one-act play.

The Rules:  All plays should:

  • Be based on one of the three winning pitches
  • Be PG-13 or cleaner
  • Be comedic
  • Feature 8 or more characters
  • Run between 20 – 40 minutes

All play submissions should be sent via and must include #pitchnplay in the Comments or Special Instructions field.  Please read the Pitch ‘N’ Play Submission Disclosure and Agreement before your submit your play.

The Timeline: 

May 5: Play submissions are closed.

June 5: The winning play is announced!

The Reward:  The winning playwright will receive a $1,000 advance against royalties, and his or her play will be published by Playscripts, Inc..

Helpful Hints:

High school drama programs often find themselves in the following situations:

  • Twice as many girls audition as boys.
  • Budget permits only simple sets and costumes.
  • Full cast is not available for every rehearsal (many school plays are episodic, allowing scenes featuring different characters to be rehearsed separately.)

And remember, a great title goes a long way.

Thanks again for your votes and tweets, we look forward to reading your plays.



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