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Brace yourselves. Hilarity is coming. Game of Tiaras by Don Zolidis.  Now available! The Tin Woman, a new play by Sean Grennan.  "emotionally powerful" - Door County Peninsula Post.  "Full of aughter and light even in the darkest moments." - Door County Advocate. Cyrano de BurgerShack: A Pop Musical.  Now published, order today!  18 pop hits!  Scripts, scores, and performances now available.  Get it now!
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A Queer Carol
The White Problem
The End of Civilization As We Know It
Meeting Sam
But Who's Counting
Aisle 17B
Canned Hamlet
Dancing on Checkers' Grave
No More Static
Position Available
Anna and August
Dracula's Daughters: A Family Comedy
Pugilist Specialist
Holier Ground
Honor and the River
The Imaginary Invalid: A Dramatical Primer
1984 by George Orwell
Surviving Fad
New Shoes
The Final Rose
Striking Out the Babe
Mars Needs Women, But Not As Much As Arnold Schecter
The Trophy Wife
Totally Accessible
Miss Kentucky
The Museum Play
Alice vs. Wonderland
Like You Like It
Chicken Bones for the Teenage Soup
Driver's Test
A Tale of Two Cities
The Cards of Fate
The Imaginary Invalid (full-length version)
The Art of Dramatic Writing
Dearest Eugenia Haggis
A Little Lunch
Around the World in Eighty Days
An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe

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