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Stage Makeup: The Actor's Complete Guide to Today's Techniques and Materials
And the Winner Is...
Is Lust Kosher?
Another Night Before Christmas
Humana Festival 2007: The Complete Plays
Murmuring in a Dead Tongue
Hansel and Gretel
I Think You Think I Love You
Like You Like It
I am not Batman.
Happily Ever After
Dancing on Checkers' Grave
The Cherry Sisters Revisited
The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza (one-act)
Bass for Picasso
Dracula's Daughters: A Family Comedy
"Will You Please Shut Up?"
The Matchmakers
Night Out
Kissing Scene
Little Women 2: Wrath of the Undead
The Rise and Fall of Annie Hall
The Auditioners
Actor's Choice: Monologues for Women, Volume 2
Girl Gone
In Paris You Will Find Many Baguettes but Only One True Love
Darcy's Cinematic Life
Louis' Lottery
Backstage Backstabbers
Exit, Pursued by a Bear
The Miser (short version)
The Velveteen Rabbit
Lemkin's House
Swimming in the Shallows
Dead Wait
The Audition
Bethlehem or Bust: How The Three Kings Teamed Up To Deliver The World's First Christmas Presents

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